Geneos Release Notes GA4.6


Released: 3 April, 2018

Last updated: 4 May, 2018

ITRS is pleased to announce the release of Geneos GA 4.6.x.

Geneos GA4.6 continues from our previous production release GA4.5. Geneos release notes contain the list of enhancement of features, and set of issues fixed in the current release.

Note: An issue was discovered in GA4.6.0 release of Gateway where string variables containing special characters like < did not parse correctly. As a result, string variables containing special characters like <today... used by plug-ins for specifying date or time substitution did not work correctly. This issue is fixed and we recommend you upgrade to GA4.6.1 to get the updated Gateway version.


To view the highlights in the Geneos release, see What's New.

Notice of changes

For all upcoming changes to Geneos compatibility and lifecycle, please refer to Geneos Compatibility Matrix. If you have any questions or concerns, contact ITRS Support for more information.

Affected component End of support date
Citrix Plug-ins 28 February, 2019
Active Console Lite 30 September, 2018
Web Montage 31 July, 2019
Open Access 31 July, 2019

Issues fixed

Issue type Issue key Release component Release description
Bug AA-2129 General The snoozed children count of a Dataview is correctly indicated by the Geneos clients.
Bug AA-3604 Licence daemon Updates the URL references to Licence Daemon documentation in LICENCE_README.txt (contained in Gateway package).
Bug AA-4130 Gateway 2 Fixes crash in generating escalated alerts when setup has changed to add escalation.
Bug AA-4207 Gateway 2 Defensive measures are added to publishing to prevent crashing on pivoted empty views.
Bug AA-4209 Gateway 2 Improves robustness of the Command Manager to prevent Gateway crashes when a command fails to execute.
Bug AA-4230 Gateway 2 Start Database logging component earlier in the Gateway lifecycle to ensure managed entity attributes are logged.
Bug AA-4329 Gateway 2 Gateway is able to correctly parse dates after 2038-01-19 03:14:08 UTC, for example in the the parsedDate rule function.
Bug AA-4334 Gateway 2 Fixes Gateway crash on Sun_Sparc and Sun_x86_64 when running commands via the REST API.
Bug AA-4335 Gateway 2 printDate() function in rules can handle dates post 2038-Jan-19 03:14:07.
Bug AA-4341 Gateway 2

Fixed by:

  • AA-4239 — adds New Snooze parameters to XPath.
  • AA-4242 — makes Snooze efficient.
Bug COL-1576 X Plug-ins Handles issue in Windows where libnet sometimes uses a destination MAC address of 00:00:00:00:00:00 when constructing the ethernet frame.
Bug COL-6083 Hardware Plug-in Fixes to Hardware and CPU plug-in for Power PC compatibility.
Bug COL-6093 Netprobe Fixes incorrect build type displayed in Netprobe log for PowerPC.
Bug COL-6095 X Plug-ins Fixes memory leak when PCE restarts.
Bug UTL-988 SSO Agent

SSO-Agent can read passwords from environment variables.

To avoid the need to store passwords as plain text in the SSO Agent configuration file, these can be read from environment variables:

  • If the server.key_store.password setting is absent, it will be read from the ITRS_SSO_KEYSTORE_PW environment variable.
  • If the server.trust_store.password setting is absent, it will be read from the ITRS_SSO_TRUSTSTORE_PW environment variable.
  • If the ldap.password setting is absent, it will be read from the ITRS_SSO_LDAP_PW environment variable.

Any setting present in the configuration file will override the corresponding environment variable.


Bug UTL-1045 SSO Agent The configuration check which is triggered by enabling the agent to use SSL now accepts that the keystore password can be set in the environment.
Bug VI-581 Active Console 2 Trailing and leading spaces for hostname will be trimmed so that it will not cause connection error on valid IP addresses or hostnames.
Bug VI-591 Active Console 2 Adds validations for unsupported hostname values in the Connection and Connection files.
Bug VI-643 Active Console 2

An external hyper link in the dashboard is corrected, allowing clients to invoke links of the form http.

In addition, these links now work with a single click rather than a double click (Dashboard Properties > 'Allow Objects to be selected' option.

Bug VI-782 Active Console 2 When new dashboards are created, these are provided with a unique name at the point of creation.
Bug VI-908 Active Console 2 If you select a set of dashboard objects that have no compatible (or common) settings, such as a line and a group, a message dialog is displayed rather than an empty configuration dialog.
Bug VI-1368 Active Console 2 Right-clicking on the first column of Metrics Table will not show command context menus as well as charts menus. For example, Show Chart.
Bug VI-1569 Active Console 2 Active Dashboard zoom combo box will not auto-correct when input value is out of range. Valid zoom range is 10% to 300%.
Bug VI-1634 Active Console 2 Custom modifiers with 'Opposite value' (useOppositeBooleanVal) can be persisted and retrieved correctly.
Bug VI-1860 Active Console 2 Default alias is set for links in dashboard objects.
Bug VI-2246 Active Console 2 Fixes issue where Active Dashboard tab is showing an incorrect severity when elements are deleted from the dashboard.
Bug VI-2944 Gateway Setup Editor

Gateway Setup Editor - Unlock Dialog Timeout

This change makes it possible for informational dialog boxes to timeout and disappear. There are circumstances where waiting for user input can bring the setup editor to halt. This can have consequences where time critical code is depending on a response.

For example, when the setup is locked to a user it's possible for another user with sufficient permission to force an unlock or lock the setup for themselves. When this happens, a dialog box appears to inform the user that they have lost exclusive access. This dialog will stay in place and halt processing until the user clicks "OK".

As of this change, timely response to this dialog is deemed critical and if not responded to in 60 seconds the dialog will disappear.

The timeout defaults to 60 seconds but is configurable via a startup switch which can be reused for other dialogs causing a similar issue. The timeout value must be at least 30 seconds.

Bug VI-3021 Gateway Setup Editor Copying an include group or editing its XML in GSE correctly generates loadable include files.
Bug VI-7054 Active Console 2 When a new dashboard is created, the grid size in the dashboard dialog is consistent with the grid size of the dashboard.
Bug VI-7077 Active Console 2 Fixes an issue when modifiers are duplicated, once a dashboard object that is created as part of a tool is copy and pasted.
Bug VI-7091 Active Console 2 When copying and pasting objects in the dashboard, the links from the original object are also copied to the duplicated object.
Bug VI-7115 Active Console 2 Fixes an issue when the custom modifiers are changed, the default modifiers are removed.
Bug VI-7158 Active Console 2 Removes Alpha and Transparency sliders from the color option.
Bug VI-7173 Active Console 2 Fixes an issue when the AC2 causes an exception, if the machine running the SSO Agent is out of sync with the machine running AC2.
Bug VI-7181 Active Console 2 Fixes an issue where the path for a dataset cannot be changed, particularly if the previous XPath is invalid.
Bug VI-7198 Active Console 2 Fixes an issue when after the custom modifiers in a workspace is modified, the system modifiers are no longer available.
Bug VI-7211 Active Console 2 Renames initially created dashboard in workspace as ActiveDashboard.
Bug VI-7212 Active Console 2 Adds the Paths dockable that displays the active paths used in the workspace.
Bug VI-7295 Active Console 2 Axis font size automatically updates for both X and Y Axis when clicking the Apply button for Active Charts.
Bug VI-7343 Active Console 2 Fixes an issue where duplicate path entries appear, when the PathDockables results are sorted.
Bug VI-7363 Active Console 2 Fixes an issue where right-click on headlines is not working due to a NullPointerException.
Bug VI-7365 Gateway Setup Editor Fixes the GSE issue found during QA testing that causes the application to become unresponsive when doing a refactor operation.
Bug VI-7370 Active Console 2 Workspace History from Open workspace from URL can be selected and opened.
Story AA-2484 Gateway 2 Adds the new timestamp column to the Gateway Severity data plugin.
Story AA-3011 Gateway 2 Operating Enviroment variables are available to throttled actions and alerts.
Story AA-3791 Gateway 2 Allows you to restrict access to publishing and annotation sections of the setup. Both user and file based restrictions can be applied.
Story AA-3792 Gateway 2 Enhances the filtering options for severity data and snooze data gateway plug-ins.
Story AA-4141 Gateway 2 Enhances Gateway to store Environments in a more efficient manner, resulting in less memory use for most use cases.
Story AA-4142 Gateway 2

AA-4181 Stop storing TreeNodes in Environments

TreeNodes representing the XML of a variable definition were stored directly in environments for convenience. This had the advantage that you never had to worry about the structure of a variable until it was used in some way such as sent to a netprobe as setup.

This change stores types that represent the structure of the variable data. This also includes a catchall for as yet unknown types in which case we wrap a TreeNode. The internal structure is used in many places and a convenience getAsTreeNode() function is provided for legacy code or where a rewrite would be too extensive.

Story AA-4144 Gateway 2 The determination of whether the Gateway host name matches either the primary or secondary Hot Standby hostname has been enhanced. If a fully qualified domain name is specified for either role in the setup file, but the Gateway host name does not include any domain parts, the first part of the specified name (up to the first dot) will be used in the comparison.
Story AA-4179 Gateway 2 A new command line option "-hooks-timeout" to specify the timeout for validation hooks in seconds by default or minutes if suffixed with an "m".
Story AA-4182 Gateway 2 Internal XPath change.
Story AA-4183 Gateway 2 Deprecated Valo Plug-in.
Story AA-4188 Gateway 2

Notification of snooze and user assignment events will only take place when the item is initially put into that state or an update takes place.

Previously, a snoozed or user assigned item that reappeared to due a Gateway or Netprobe restart would result in a notification for the newly recreated item.

Story AA-4191 Gateway 2 The Gateway plug-in contains the comment associated with the user assignment.
Story AA-4238 Gateway 2

The Gateway timezone file is updated to the 2018 release of the the timezone database maintained by IANA.

  • Brazil's DST starts on the first Sunday in November.
  • São Tomé and PrÃncipe switched from UTC to UTC +01 (as of 2018-01-01).
  • Fiji ended DST on 2018-01-14.
Story AA-4239 Gateway Setup Editor

Adds support for the following state predicates in AC2/GSE:

  • snoozedCount (Snoozed Children): Number of snoozed children. Available on all data item except cells.
  • snoozedParentCount (Snoozed Parents): Number of snoozed parents. Available on all data items.
  • The new predicates are visible in the Path Editor's properties window for each data item type. 
  • The new predicates can be used in Rule blocks as an argument to the 'state' function.
Story AA-4242 Gateway Setup Editor XPaths with the snoozed state predicate are internally optimised and their evaluation is more efficient.
Story COL-4490 Netprobe Allows Netprobe config file to be reloaded by sending a USR1 signal like in the Gateway config file.
Story COL-5725 Netprobe Fixes to CPU and Hardware plug-ins for issues found during the initial tests of powerpc port.
Story COL-5904 Integration template Integrates Kafka Monitoring into Geneos in the form of a custom JMX plug-in configuration file.
Story COL-5957 Integration template Docker monitoring Integration.
Story COL-5958 Integration template Kubernetes monitoring Integration.
Story COL-5959 Integration template MongoDB monitoring integration.
Story COL-5961 Integration template Updates the Hadoop monitoring configuration file.
Story COL-5962 Integration template Supports the Cassandra monitoring through a configuration file meant to be included into customer's main gateway setup. The configuration file contains a group of sampler using the JMX plugin to generate dataviews of key Cassandra metrics.
Story COL-5964 Integration template Inclusion of Gateway setup file to integration Postgresql monitoring into Netprobe.
Story COL-5965 Integration template Supports the Zookeeper Monitoring through JMX plugin.
Story COL-5966 Integration template Adds the ActiveMQ monitoring template.
Story COL-5967 Integration template Configuration template for Elasticsearch Monitoring.
Story COL-5968 Integration template Updates the Kafka Monitoring configuration file.
Story COL-6096 Integration template Separates rules from the main integration template.
Story COL-6157 Integration template Updates the Integration README.txt to make the format uniform for all files.
Story COL-6158 Integration template Updates the templates to make the naming consistent.
Story UTL-1027 SSO Agent Adds the swaggger definition for SSO-Agent.
Story VI-4157 Active Console 2 Notifications with Gateway paths that listens to connection status events show whenever a Gateway is disconnected.
Story VI-4189 Active Console 2

You can select one or more dashboard objects and right-click and select Temporarily Hide Selected. This hides the objects, such that these will not be drawn or rendered, allowing you to get to and modify the objects underneath. Objects can be re-displayed by selecting the 'Unhide all' right click menu option.

The hide status is not persisted, so on a save or reload of the work space the hide status will have been removed.

Story VI-4271 Active Console 2 Removes the "Mode" context menu item in the Active Dashboard Pallete.
Story VI-4342 Active Console 2 Changes the default time value from 40 years to 1 months in the Import dialog box of EventTicker dockable.
Story VI-4480 Active Console 2 Removes all Debug menu items that had no general debugging purpose. I have also made the SQL for any chart creation appear even if the debug flag is not set, which was by far the most common reason users were asked to turn it on.
Story VI-4605 Active Console 2

Open the workspace from url option when loading a workspace is supported for:

  • HTTP
  • HTTPS with authentication that requires a username and password.
Story VI-4664 Active Console 2

You can configure the EMF2 port via the activeconsole.gci file: EMF2ListenPort xxxx


Story VI-4826 Active Console 2 Adds the ability to add xpath "scores" to identify potentially expensive xpaths, as well as functionality to check how much time it takes to evaluate a particular path.
Story VI-5027 Active Console 2 gci flags have their leading and trailing spaces removed when they are read from the configuration file.
Story VI-5067 Active Console 2 Creates new 'Paths' dockable that lists all element paths of all active dashboards in the workspace.
Story VI-5088 Active Console 2 When you invoke multiple links on a dashboard object at the same time, it opens multiple search tabs, rather than replacing the previous search.
Story VI-5114 Active Console 2 Double-clicking notifiers with cell, headline, dataview and sampler paths follow the corresponding managed entity in the metrics view.
Story VI-7001 Active Console 2

When you right-click on a chart if you now navigate down to the Active Chart sub menus the duplicate properties menu has been removed. This was a duplicate wherein there was also a properties menu on the main right click menu.

The exception is when the chart has been detached, where the properties menu will still be available on the sub menu.

Story VI-7004 Active Console 2 The Sorting and Mode right click menu items have been removed from the Dashboard Palette because due to recent changes they no longer have sufficient sub items to justify them.
Story VI-7148 Active Console 2 This changes allows for created tools to be able to smartly infer paths so as to make the tools for more useful and allow for less manual modifications when it will be reused for similar data sets.
Story VI-7149 Active Console 2 Adds a new column in the Commands dockable called Source to list where a command is executed. If a command is delegated to another Gateway, the name of the Gateway is listed but followed by "(Delegated)" to indicate the remote execution.
Story VI-7166 Active Console 2 You can right-click on a list view tab and select a duplicate function. At that point they are asked where they want to create the new list view.
Story VI-7169 Active Console 2 When multiple links are invoked on a dashboard object, each result set is shown in its own search tab, rather than replacing the previous search result.
Story VI-7178 Active Console 2 When SSL flag is enabled, password field automatically changes to blank.
Story VI-7194 Active Console 2 -wsurl program parameter supports HTTPS (with authentication) URL hosted workspace.
Story VI-7205 Active Console 2 Adds the right-click 'Go to Dashboard' option in 'Dashboard Element Paths' dockable.
Story VI-7210 Active Console 2 You can specify the size of the font size in the axis of charts.
Story VI-7218 Active Console 2 Creates the 'Element Paths' dockable that lists all the element paths of all the list views and dashboards in the workspace.
Story VI-7228 Active Console 2 Adds the Paths dockable that lists all active paths in the workspace; double clicking on the path will redirect the user to the specific list view/dashboard object/notifier.
Story VI-7230 Active Console 2 Refresh button for the Paths dockable is available (previous behavior is to right click inside the dockable then select 'Refresh').
Story VI-7235 Active Console 2 You can add 'invokeUserSelection' hyperlinks onto dashboards, which simulate selection events, allowing dashboard to update based on clicks on dashboard objects.
Story VI-7263 Active Console 2 Removes the 'Apply' button from the username/password 'URL needs authentication' dialog box.
Story VI-7270 Active Console 2

User is presented with an error message when workspace location is inaccessible before opening the 'Select Workspace' dialog box for instances where -ws or -wsurl program argument is provided in ActiveConsole.gci file.

Also, name of the URL window has been changed from 'Select URL' to 'Enter URL'.

Story VI-7279 Active Console 2 Changes the Duplicate List View option to Convert to List View.
Story VI-7297 Active Console 2 Command Tools are no longer added in the Tools and Modifiers window. Also, commands cannot be created as a link in the path editor.
Story VI-7316 Webslinger Adds the ability for multiple intstances of WebSlinger to run on the same host. This involves allowing the WebSlinger administrator to specify names of the sessionid cookie in the WebSlinger config (to ensure that they do not clash).
Story VI-7317 Web Dashboard Allows separate sessions from multiple instances of Webdashboard on the same host (with different ports). This will allow different SSO Agent sessions from each Webdashboard instance.
Story VI-7344 Active Console 2 The Paths dockable has an "Evaluate all" button, that computes how expensive the XPath in each row is.
Story VI-7374 Active Console 2 Show N/A for paths that cannot be evaluated.
Story VI-7375 Active Console 2 Updates the Evaluate All Icon.
Story VI-7376 Active Console 2 Always refresh the PathDockables before doing an EvaluateAll action.
Story VI-7382 Active Console 2 Disables the output window when performing DB queries for historical charts.
Story VI-7359 Active Console 2 Adds the runtime dependencies to 64-bit AC2 build.
Story VI-7294 Active Console 2 Changes the default Xmx for 64-bit AC2 builds.
Story VI-7299 Active Console 2 Provides a 64-bit build version of the AC2. AC2 32-bit and 64-bit versions are also packaged with JRE1.8_151.
Bug AA-4405 Gateway

Ensures the special characters "<" work for variables.

In some instances, the XML representation of a variable needs to be extracted from the setup. It is important that you encode these strings, such that characters like <. >, and do not break the xml parsing.

A result of not doing this previously, the string variables containing <today... used by plug-ins for specifying date / time substitution did not work.

Bug AA-4415 Gateway Line feeds in Legacy Probe settings that are removed as part of the environment optimisation are added back in.

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