Geneos Release Notes GA4.5


Released: 31 January, 2018

Last updated: 9 February, 2018

ITRS is pleased to announce the release of Geneos GA 4.5.x.

Geneos GA4.5 continues from our previous production release GA4.4. Geneos release notes contain the list of enhancement of features, and set of issues fixed in the current release.

Note: Geneos Netprobe version GA4.5.1 is available with fix for COL-6052 that resolves an issue where FKM starts reading at the beginning of the file, even the default is to start at the end. The fix for COL-6049 is also available that resolves an issue where Disk plug-in inode columns show zero while waiting for NFS partition data.


To view the highlights in the Geneos release, see What's New.

Issues fixed

These are the issues fixed, such as bug and story, in the release:

Issue type Issue key Release component Release description
Story AA-2871 Gateway 2 Deprecates gatewayId setting.
Story AA-4110 Gateway 2

When an importing connection starts to import snooze or user assignment state, the importing Gateway clears the corresponding state of data items imported on that connection.

This ensures that the icons shown in the user interface correctly reflect the state on the exporting Gateway.

Story AA-4145 Gateway 2 Audits the drop when snooze and user assignment entries are dropped from a Gateway, because Gateway imports the data from another Gateway.
Story AA-4143 Gateway 2 Updates the Gateway timezone file.
Story AA-4178 Gateway 2

Allows you to delegate commands to the exporting gateway when importing data via gateway sharing. This includes:

  • Probes commands defined by a sampler that run on the probe.
  • User commands defined in the exporting setup that run on the probe.
  • Sample Now and Vie Netprobe log.
  • Snooze commands.
  • User Assignment commands.
  • Show Rules.

As part of this work, Snooze and User Assignment can be shared along with severity when importing data.

Story AA-3809 Gateway 2 Gateway fails to snooze commands where the Gateway is the target itself, if snooze is imported from any other Gateway.
Story AA-3776 Gateway 2

As well as delegating Snooze, User Assignment, and Rule commands to an exporting gateway.

Commands that are defined on the exporting Gateway to run on the Netprobe (excluding RMS commands) are exported to the importing Gateway, and delegated back to the exporting Gateway when executed on the importing Gateway.

Story COL-3454 EUEM Netprobe

Adds the Show Detailed Scenario command in all headlines and also in table cells.

If there is failure to connect with the target url, error print appears in the Netprobe logs (this print already appears in the `Show Detailed Scenario` output).

Story COL-4545 Netprobe JRE version to use can be specified via Netprobe's commandline through the -java-home and -java-libpath commanline switches.
Story COL-4007 API Plug-in

Adds new functions for API-STREAM:

  • signOn — sets the value in seconds that the client committed to provide an update via API-STREAM plug-in.
  • signOff — unset the client's commitment to API-STREAM plug-in.
  • heartbeat — provide an update to API-STREAM.

Adds the new status in FKM:

  • HEARTBEAT_NOT_FOUND — When FKM source is a stream and the client providing stream message fails to provide an update, after setting it using the API-STREAM signOn function.
Story COL-5726 Hardware Plug-in
  • In case of multi-CPU and/or multi-cores Windows servers, cpuUtilisation represents the average across cores / CPUs, instead of the heaviest loaded logical processor.
  • In Solaris, swapUsed is now based on swap -l instead of swap -s.
  • The same metrics/rows will now be shown across platforms. On platforms where a metric is not available, its value will be NA.
  • In Linux & Solaris, CPU utilization now takes CPU wait times into account.
Story COL-5814 Hardware Plug-in

Adds the new metrics: ntpAvailability and ntpLocalClockOffset. For these metrics to be collected:

  • A NTP service needs to be running.
  • The ntpq program needs to be accessible by Netprobe in the monitored (local) host.
Story VI-4526 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor Adds a new label tool to the palette with multi-line turned off by default. In addition, the text is centered left and text clipping in turns on.
Story VI-5255 Web dashboard Adds new runtime parameter to be able to set custom dashboards uploads folder where adb files areuploaded .
Story VI-7072 Web dashboard Replaces the SSO related error messages with a more appropriate text.
Story VI-7146 Web dashboard Password field is disabled when SSL checkbox is enabled.
Story VI-7057 Web dashboard Removes the need to enable /testuser endpoint in SSO Agent when using Webdashboard SSO.
Story VI-7095 Web dashboard Adds an additional field (a checkbox) to Web Dashboard to indicate SSL Login to GW2. You must provide the username and tick the checkbox to use SSL credentials for logging in GW2.
Story VI-6988 Web dashboard Creates a 64-bit AC2 package.
Story VI-7042 Active Console 2 Minor update to change icon names containing "Themed" to "Theme".
Story VI-4608 Active Console 2 Last Sample time literal now displays time stamp for the last sample time in the Metrics View table .
Story VI-7156 Active Console 2 Removes the UserResources folder in AC2 package.
Story VI-6993 Web dashboard Adds the Service Login to Web Dashboard.
Bug COL-1301 FKM Plug-in Fixes issue where new files are read from the end when monitor all matches/dynamic file matching is enabled. Thus, triggers are not detected.
Bug COL-5837 Hardware Plug-in In AIX platforms, it displays the cpuClockSpeed correctly.
Bug COL-5789 Network Plug-in Changes the Network plug-in implementation of retrieving of Network Interface Data to accommodate 64-bit values .
Bug COL-5756 FKM, GL, MQ, and Toolkit Plug-ins Handles plug-in crashes that happen when an error is encountered and the defined sampler script is longer than the error log capacity.
Bug COL-5716 Clearvision Plug-in

If new format for tickets is detected the following fields are added in the TICKETS dataview:

  • matchingTickets
  • matchingTicketsNotCleared
  • wtRowsInNokStatus

This field is removed:

  • totalTicketsCleared
Bug COL-5714 Gateway 2, Disk and SQL Toolkit Plug-in Reduces memory size of NFS threads from system default to 256kb each.
Bug COL-5713 Processes Plug-in Changes implementation of computing process start time by using system boot time instead of system up time.
Bug COL-183 Veritas Cluster Server Plug-in Fixeds file handle leak in Veritas Cluster Services Plug-in.
Bug VI-1841 Active Console 2 List View "Items Assigned to me" should list data items (cell) assigned to the current logged-in user. Follow Selection means that list view should update when clicking on different data views.
Bug VI-2303 Active Console 2

Fixes typos:

  • Netprobe
  • Snoozed
Bug VI-2047 Active Console 2 AC2 using connection file with secure gateways use correct disconnection preference.
Bug VI-1632 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor The User Assignment Indicator and Snooze indicator are hidden in the palette. This is because without a context, these have no value. These only make to use them during a drag and drop operation, not just a simple drag from the palette. The special modifiers that are present on them should not appear in the custom modifier manager or on a drag operation since they are specific to these tools.
Bug VI-7080 Active Console 2 Fixes typo error.
Bug VI-7050 Web dashboard 'Access denied' error displays when unauthorized users authenticate via NTLM.
Bug VI-7114 Active Console 2 Removes the "Snoozed items" tab in default workspace due to being too expensive to run and causing issues with larger gateways.
Bug VI-7082 Active Console 2 Minor update to change modifiers containing "[ITRS DarkTheme]" to "Dark Theme".
Bug VI-7049 Active Console 2 Fixed by adding z index data to undo action to be able to restore object to correct position in stack.
Bug VI-979 Active Console 2 Executing Client commands from AC2 does not produce duplicate output text in the Output Viewer dockable.
Bug COL-6502 FKM Plug-in Fixes issue wherein FKM rewinds file at Netprobe start-up even if the rewind option is not set.
Bug COL-6049 Disk Plug-in Fixes issue wherein Disk plug-in inode columns show zero while waiting for NFS partition data.

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