Geneos Release Notes GA4.4


Released: 1 December, 2017

Last updated: 14 June, 2018

ITRS is pleased to announce the release of Geneos GA 4.4.x.

Geneos GA4.4 continues from our previous production release GA4.3. Geneos release notes contain the list of enhancement of features, and set of issues fixed in the current release.

Note: Active Console 2 version GA4.4.2 fixes an issue where the SSO login failed for users who belong to lots of AD groups (reproduced using single user belonging to more than 300 AD groups).

Last updated: 17 January, 2018

Note: Active Console 2 version GA4.4.1 is available that resolves an issue where AC2 configuration is not loaded if workspace configuration do not have the SSOAgentUrl defined.


To view the highlights in the Geneos release, see What's New.

Notice of changes

Support for Pluggable Authentication Objects (PAO) is removed in Active Console 2 version GA4.4 and onwards. Migrate to using the Geneos Single Sign-on authentication.

Issues fixed

These are the issues fixed, such as bug and story, in the release:

Issue type Issue key Release component Release description
Bug AA-1051 Gateway 2 Previously, Expect rows defined on individual dataviews for Gateway plug-ins are ignored. This is corrected.
Bug AA-1325 Gateway 2 Raises an error if a non-Gateway plug-in is attached to a virtual probe.
Bug AA-1558 Gateway 2 When a Gateway insecure listen port is disabled and then re-enabled, the Gateway resumes listening on the insecure port.
Bug AA-278 Gateway 2 When Gateway 2 is started with the -dump-xml option, a fatal error will be correctly reported if the setup would not be able to be loaded in normal operation.
Bug AA-356 Gateway 2

Before this change, the Gateway used to create and populate the main persistence file even though persistence was not enabled.

With this change, persistence files are only created and subsequently populated if persistence is enabled. If the user disables persistence, the files will remain intact and will stop being written to.

Bug AA-3767 Gateway 2 Removes all audit logging from the authorize endpoint and also removes the user credentials from the Gateway logging.
Bug AA-3784 Gateway 2 The value of gateway-severitydata > maximumNumberOfRows is no longer tested if the setup is using a variable for this value. Previously, it would report a setup error (that it would then ignore).
Bug AA-3790 Gateway 2 The databaseType row of the Gateway data plug-in is again populated with the name of the type of configured database.
Bug AA-399 Gateway 2 Prior to this change, if the authentication file does not have a line ending on the last line, it is not processed.
Bug AA-455 Gateway 2 Prior to this change, the Show Alerts command is case-insensitive and displays alerts for items that should not have triggered an alert. This change makes the Show Alerts command case-sensitive.
Bug AA-554 Gateway 2 Running user-defined tasks through the REST API no longer causes the Gateway to crash.
Bug AA-747 Gateway 2 Before these changes, Active Times that are configured to cross midnight has a one second gap that occurs exactly at 23:59:59. After these changes, if the start of the next active time period occurs shortly after (3 seconds) the end of the current active time, then no state change occurs.
Bug COL-1024 FTM Plug-in Adds periodStart and periodEnd columns in the main dataview and previous day dataview. Removed headlines in previous day dataview to avoid confusion. Saving of previous day information will now be done for each file when their respective monitoring periods end.
Bug COL-1229 Top Plug-in Fixes improper conversion of threshold value in Summary Headline for Top plug-in.
Bug COL-2119 FLM Plug-in Fixes FLM-GL crash incidents when a feed unsubscribed while a data is being processed.
Bug COL-2250 Netprobe

Netprobe log messages for no certificate SSL connections when using self-monitoring Gateway has been suppressed.

Optional "SSLConnector:*" debug flag can be turned on if suppressed messages are required to be printed out.

Bug COL-2673 Fix Analyser 2 Plug-in Descriptions for FIX 4.4+ Field 35 types are now consistent with the FIX specification.
Bug COL-2866 File Agent

Using FA2 with file agent. Filename with both wildcard and date. When date changes during runtime, previously detected files where the resolved date tag doesn't apply anymore still exists in the admin view.

For example:

filename: abc*_<today %m-%d-%y>
files in file agent:

With Agent's system date assumed to be 9/6/2017, expanded filename will be: abc*_9-6-17 and Agent will correctly detect the 2 files which will then be forwarded to FixAnalyzer2. When the date carries over to the next day, expanded name will be: abc*_9-7-17. Agent will detect 1 file that matches this expression, but will leave the previous results untouched so this time all the 3 files will be displayed in the admin view.


When using a file agent, filename with both wildcard and date tags, and date changes during runtime, Previous files that aren't covered by the new resolved filename should be removed from the admin dataview.

Note: Previously detected orders from the removed files will still remain in other views.

Bug COL-2910 JMX Plug-in This change fixes an issue where integer arithmetic was causing an exception when being used in the JMX plug-in.
Bug COL-38 GL Plug-in The current algorithm processes the entire send/order log file first before processing the entire recieve/ACK file. In periods of high volume, this causes unmatched ACKs to build up. Furthermore, the current version using a linked list to store the unmatched ACKs which causes lookup to degrade as the list grows.The algorithm was modified such that the files are processed by units of 100 orders/acks (i.e. process 100 orders, process 100 acks, match, repeat until done) to prevent the list of unmatched ACKs from growing too long. Furthermore, the list is now implemented using the standard C++ vector.
Bug UTL-977 SSO Agent The SSO Agent now logs events occurring during authentication and LDAP queries to specific logging topics. This allows debug-level logging to be enabled in a controlled fashion. The logging level for each topic used is now set explicitly in the provided logback.xml configuration file, making it easier to make adjustments.
Bug UTL-978 SSO Agent SSO-Agent Service ID has been changed to match the name visible in the Windows service view.
Bug UTL-982 SSO Agent SSO Agent now correctly applies http/https default port when no port is configured in the SSO-Agent configuration file.
Bug UTL-990 SSO Agent NTLM version of SSO Agent now supports NTLM again.
Bug VI-2739 Gateway Setup Editor Prevents an incorrect warning from being shown when a Generic User is set-up to be an Administrator. A different warning is now shown that prompts the user to check whether or not the current user will still have setup edit permissions after the gateway setup is applied.
Bug VI-3084 Gateway Setup Editor Uses PCRE Perl Compatible Regex is now set to un-ticked by default.
Enhancement AA-2490 Gateway 2 User data allowed for environment variables to be set for actions through name / value pairs. This is an enhancement that allows you to set the value through extended syntax and removing the necessity to possibly set the value through an intermediate step.Variables userdata "variable" $(var)DataItem userdata "dataItem" valueDataItems userdata "dataItems" %%//cell valueTarget userdata "hello" target "dataviewName"ActiveTime userdata "active" within activetime "timeActive"Attribute userdata "attribute" attribute "FAILOVER"TimeSeries userdata "timeseries" timeseries "timeSeries".
Enhancement AA-2778 Gateway 2

Annotations provide a method for defining key / value pairs which appear as environment variables or parameters to shared libraries in actions and effects.

These allow the targeting of these values without modifying rules, alerting or effects configuration.

Enhancement COL-3730 Webmon Plug-in Adds an option to retrieve headline details from another url rather than /.
Enhancement COL-4111 Extractor Plug-in

Adds JSON support to the Extractor plug-in by:

  • Implementing a JSON-to-XML converter. 
  • Modifying Extractor use converter and xpath to construct views when handling JSON docs.

Resulting XML can be viewed in a debug window (in the same way that the resulting XHTML from HTML to XHTML conversion can be viewed.) Converted can also be ran via command-line through the "-json2xml <filename>" command-line switch.

Enhancement COL-5198 MQ Plug-ins Adds an encryption support for MQ plugins security remote passoword.
Story AA-2656 Gateway 2

Adds a utility to measure the amount of data published by a gateway via gateway publishing.

The utility is bundled with the Gateway.

Story AA-3764 Gateway 2 Enables Gateway-to-Gateway authentication using an SSL Certificate as an alternative to password authentication.
Story AA-3765 Gateway 2 Restricts Gateway-to- Gateway access by naming allowed users. A new section is added to the exporting dataset which states which users can access the dataset.Actions.
Story AA-3800 Gateway 2 It is now possible to restrict access to gateway sharing sets by user name. The users allowed access can be set in the Advance tab of the "Data sets" (defined in the "Exported data" section.
Story AA-3801 Gateway 2 Add the ability for a exporting gateway to verify the service connecting via gateway sharing using an SSL certificate as well as a password.
Story COL-5691 Netprobe Correct wrong usage of FormatString in a couple of plugins that may lead to inaccurate log messages.
Story UTL-955 SSO Agent Adds ability to use Keberos Authentication with SSO Agent on both Windows and Linux servers to Windows Active Directory Servers.
Story UTL-985 SSO Agent The SSO Agent now logs events occurring during authentication and LDAP queries to specific logging topics. This allows debug-level logging to be enabled in a controlled fashion. The logging level for each topic used is now set explicitly in the provided logback.xml configuration file, making it easier to make adjustments.
Story UTL-989 SSO Agent

SSO-Agent logging now starts with:

10:56:17.502 [main] INFO io.undertow - Starting Server......

10:56:17.504 [main] INFO io.undertow - SSO-Agent Version: 1.1.0-RC2

Version number includes NTLM if NTLM is available.

Story UTL-993 SSO Agent Release of Geneos SSO-Agent that allows Active Console, WebDashboard Webslinger and Gateway2 to access SSO information provided by Active Directory.
Story VI-4381 Active Console 2 Active Console 2 supports connection and execution of queries (via Active Charts) on a Sybase Database with password encryption enabled.
Story VI-4402 Active Console 2 The 3D shapes for data items have been removed as visible from the palette. They are now exclusively used when a data item is dragged and dropped on to the dashboard and the tool dialogue displayed. If hidden tools are shown in the palette they will still be accessible via the old palette method.
Story VI-6989 Active Console 2 PAO-related settings are removed in AC2 and GSE.
Story VI-7055 Web Dashboard Web Dashboard builds with NO JRE package will use the same run scripts as Web Dashboard builds with JRE packaged.
Story VI-7056 Web Dashboard For Web Dashboard builds without JRE, SSO_PROPERTIES are now included in the run scripts.
Bug VI-7090 Active Console 2 This change fixes an issue where AC2 configurations aren't being loaded if workspace configurations don't have SSOAgentUrl defined.
Bug VI-7517 Active Console 2 Fix an issue where SSO Login doesn't work when a user has a lot of AD user groups.

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