Geneos Release Notes GA4.11


Released: 2 May, 2019

Last updated: 13 June, 2019

ITRS is pleased to announce the release of Geneos GA 4.11.x.

Note: Issues that have been identified with Webslinger GA4.11.0 for Linux and Solaris platforms, and Netprobe GA4.11.1 for Windows are now fixed. We recommend that you download and use GA4.11.2 version of these components.

Geneos GA4.11 continues from our previous production release GA4.10. Geneos release notes contain the list of enhancement of features, and set of issues fixed in the current release.

This release delivers the updated binaries in the ITRS Downloads page for:

  • Active Console 2
  • Gateway 2
  • Licence Daemon (LICD)
  • Netprobe (includes the RPM package)
  • SSO Agent 1.4
  • VMWare Third Party Plug-in
  • Web Dashboard
  • Webslinger
  • Integration templates:
    • Apica Monitoring integration template
    • AWS Monitoring integration template
    • Kubernetes Monitoring integration template
    • OpenShift Monitoring integration template
    • RabbitMQ Monitoring integration template


To view the highlights in the Geneos release, see What's New.

Breaking changes

This section describes the changes in this release that break existing behaviour:

  • In the Gateway, the behaviour of the _COMMENT environment variable has changed for actions fired by the unassignment of a data item. Previously, the comment provided when the item was assigned was placed in the _COMMENT environment variable for both assignment and unassignment events. It is now possible to configure Gateways to require comments for both assignment and unassignment events. This means for actions fired by unassignment events, the comment provided when the item is unassigned is placed in the _COMMENT environment variable. The comment that was provided when the item was originally assigned is now moved to a new environment variable called _PREVIOUS_COMMENT.
  • Improved the Context Sensitive Help (CSH) for Gateway Setup Editor (GSE) that is based on the specific content available online. Context sensitive help will launch your default browser to access the content online. To know more about this, see Host the documentation locally to use GSE context-sensitive help in Gateway Setup Editor.

Geneos compatibility and lifecycle

The notice of change in the Geneos compatibility identifies the components, plug-ins, or features that will be no longer supported by ITRS in any future releases.

To view all the changes to Geneos compatibility and lifecycle, refer to Geneos Compatibility Matrix.

End of support

The end of support means that the affected component, plug-in, or feature is no longer supported and this ends the release of binaries. The table below lists the affected component, plug-in, or feature:

Notice of change Affected components Effective date Alternatives or Upgrade path
End of support for Combo Plug-in Combo Plug-in 31 July, 2019 Gateway-SQL in Gateway Plug-Ins
End of support for Component Versions Component Versions Plug-in 31 July, 2019 No alternatives.
End of support for Feed Latency Monitor Plug-in (FLM) on Solaris platforms FLM Plugin on Solaris (x64 and Sparc) 31 July, 2019 Run FLM Plugin on Linux or Windows platforms.
End of support for Market Data Monitor Plug-in (MDM) on Solaris platform MDM Plug-in on Solaris (x64 and Sparc) 31 July, 2019 Run MDM Plug-in on Linux or Windows platforms.
End of support for Informix Plug-in Informix Plug-in 31 July, 2019 Toolkit script available in Resources.
End of support for all Geneos versions GA3.0.x All Geneos components version GA3.0.x 30 October, 2019 Upgrade to Geneos version GA4.x.x or newer.
End of support for all Geneos versions GA3.x.x All Geneos components version GA3.x.x 31 January, 2020 Upgrade to Geneos version GA4.x.x or newer.
End of support for Web Montage Web Montage (Web Services) 31 January, 2020 To be announced.
End of support for Open Access Open Access Cluster Node, Open Access Java Client (API) 31 January, 2020 To be announced.

End of releasing binaries

The end of releasing binaries means that the affected component, plug-in, or feature is no longer getting binaries for certain platforms, but the support continues. The table below lists the affected component, plug-in, or feature:

Notice of change Affected components Effective date Alternatives or Upgrade path
End of releasing binaries for Netprobe for 32-bit Windows Platforms Netprobe on 32-bit Windows 30 April, 2019 Use 64-bit WindowsNetprobe.
End of releasing binaries for Licence Daemon for Solaris Platforms Licence Daemon on Solaris (x64 and Sparc) 31 July, 2019

Use Linux distribution of Licence Daemon.

Solaris distribution of Licence Daemon is still supported for already available versions of GA3.x and GA4.x.

End of releasing binaries for Web Dashboard for Solaris platform Web Dashboard on Solaris (x64 and Sparc) 31 July, 2019

Use Linux distribution of Web Dashboard.

Solaris distribution of Web Dashboard is still supported for already available versions of GA3.x and GA4.x.

End of releasing binaries for Webslinger for Solaris platform Webslinger on Solaris (Sparc) 31 July, 2019

Use Linux distribution of Webslinger.

Solaris distribution of Web Slinger is still supported for already available versions of GA3.x and GA4.x.

End of releasing binaries forGateway 2 for Solaris Platforms Gateway 2 on Solaris (x64 and Sparc) 31 July, 2019

Use Linux distribution of Gateway 2.

Solaris distribution of Gateway 2 is still supported for already available versions of GA3.x and GA4.x.

End of releasing binaries for Netprobe for Solaris Platforms Netprobe on Solaris (x64 and Sparc) 30 October, 2019

Use Linux, Linux on Power 8, Windows or AIX distribution of Netprobe.

Solaris distribution of Netprobe is still supported for already available versions of GA3.x and GA4.x.


New features and enhancements

These are the features and enhancements in the current release:

Issue key Component Release description
Release version GA4.11.1    
AA-5200 Licence Daemon

The following security headers have been added to the License Daemon web responses:

  • X-Frame-Options
  • X-XSS-Protection
  • X-Content-Type-Options
COL-6704 Netprobe

The following plug-ins are now deprecated: FIX, EUEM, Citrix Apps, Citrix Processes, Citrix Summary, and Citrix Sessions.

COL-6911 Netprobe IXWatch Message Analyser plug-in is now able to sum and average tracker values.
COL-7011 Netprobe You can now set the connection timeout for the REST Extractor plug-in.
COL-7226 Netprobe The Bloomberg B-PIPE and Bloomberg MDM Feed Adapter now use Bloomberg Library (BLPAPI) version
COL-7131 Integrations

You can now use the RabbitMQ monitoring integration template to monitor RabbitMQ. RabbitMQ is an open source message broker that supports multiple messaging protocols.

Release version GA4.11.0    
AA-2744 Gateway When require snooze comments or require user assignment comments is enabled, a comment is now required for unsnooze / unassign commands. This is published and logged as normal.
AA-5085 Gateway FKM probe published commands for legacy probes were rewritten with a versioning scheme using the probe version to reduce the number of command targets when multiple probes are connected.
AA-5107 Gateway

Updated the schemas for the following plug-ins:

AA-5116 Gateway

Imported commands of certain types (internal detail) are only published if a dataview exists to which the command could be applied. Commands may appear and disappear with dynamic dataviews.

If an imported command is removed it is now also unpublished on the importing Gateway.

AA-5136 Active Console 2, Gateway, Gateway Setup Editor, Netprobe Geneos now uses a more secure Diffie-Hellman parameter for its SSL connections. This affects all secure EMF2 connections and HTTPS connections to Geneos components (Gateway REST / XMLRPC / Debug HTTP).
AA-5139 Gateway

A Gateway does not support lock requests if its setup is stored in the Gateway Hub.

Gateway Hub is responsible for the locking of any resources it manages.

AA-5140 Gateway The Gateway can now obtain its setup from Gateway Hub. This provides a central area where multiple Gateway setups can be shared and managed.
AA-5163 Gateway

Gateway can now read command line arguments from a file. The default file is gateway2.gci in the working directory of the Gateway. The location can be overridden using the -config-file command line option.

Command line options in the file are processed before any on the command line, except for -config-file which is always processed first.

AA-5175 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor Active Console 2 now uses ISO_1 as the default character set for Sybase ASE client connection.
COL-4508 Gateway, Netprobe

Self-announcing Netprobes now support multiple managed entities. The managed entities can be defined in the Netprobe configuration. Newer Gateways support this feature and will accept a Netprobe with multiple managed entities.

Older Gateways, however, do not support this and will be rejected by the Netprobe.

COL-5806 Netprobe Netprobe is now available as an RPM package.
COL-6700 Gateway, Netprobe

The following Netprobe commands now return fewer XPaths:

  • /PLUGIN:FKM:triggerDetails
  • /PLUGIN:FKM:viewTriggerWithSize






The REST Extractor plug-in is now available for reading data from REST interfaces:

  • The plug-in communicates via HTTP or HTTPS GET request and expects a JSON response. It also supports jq queries to transform the JSON response into a desired dataview format.
  • The plug-in supports basic authentication, as well as bearer authentication using an HTTP GET request.
UTL-1090 Licence Daemon Licensing Daemon now supports per-instance licensing for the REST Extractorplug-in.
COL-7001 Netprobe

Synthetic Monitoring integration template now has two default samplers:

  • Apica-AllChecks
  • Apica-Severity
COL-7002 Integrations Amazon Web Services Monitoring integration template now populates dataviews without exceeding timeout period.
COL-7003 Netprobe OpenShift can now be integrated with Geneos. The integration uses the OpenShift API to monitor OpenShift projects, pods, services, routes, and other components.
COL-7004 Integrations The Kubernetes monitoring integration has been improved to provide better visibility into the Kubernetes environment. The integration uses the Kubernetes API to monitor Kubernetes nodes, services, routes, and other components
UTL-1087 SSO Agent The SSO Agent now uses the Bouncy Castle version 1.61.
VI-7825 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor

Single sign-on is now available for the stand-alone Gateway Setup Editor:

  • When launched stand-alone, the SSO button will be available if -SSOAgentURL is specified on the command line or via GCI file.
  • When launched from the Active Console 2 as an external process, the -connect parameter has been extended to include the SSO agent URL. This will connect automatically and enable the SSO button.
  • When launched in process from the Active Console 2, no SSO button is required.













Active Console 2

The Object Inspector was a pilot feature released for GA4.10 which displays some modifiers and links properties of dashboard objects. In GA4.11, the Object Inspector now displays the Object Inspector name in the workspace and contains the remaining properties that you can modify in the object properties dialog:

  • Selects multiple objects.
  • Loads the properties of the selected grouped objects.
  • Supports the style and properties of Active Chart, Picture, Line Arrow, and Active Volume Bar objects.
  • Selects the dataset type for Active Chart, Bar Chart, Spark Chart, and Historical Chart.
  • Pie Charts can now be displayed in the Object Inspector. The style and properties settings of a Pie Chart can be modified, the dataset settings are read-only.
  • Supports the style, properties, and dataset of Active Gauge object.
  • Supports the dataset of Active Gauge, pie chart's datasets and its slice properties.
VI-8079 Gateway Setup Editor Gateway Setup Editor (GSE) now links the Context Sensitive Help (CSH) on the ITRS-Group web site.

Issues fixed

These are the issues we have fixed in the current release:

Issue key Component Release description
Release version GA4.11.2    
AA-5271 Gateway, Webslinger Webslinger is updated to fix a regression issue wherein some links to dataviews did not function correctly.
COL-7305 Netprobe Netprobe now works properly and does not restart when using Network plug-in on Windows.
Release version GA4.11.1    
AA-543 Gateway The _NETPROBE_HOST environment variable is now passed to scripts triggered by alerts.
AA-5162 Gateway Connecting a SAN probe to a Gateway no longer causes conflict with rules examining the internal Geneos directory tree when rule threads are in use.
AA-5185 Gateway Gateway now publishes updates correctly when a pivoted dataview is updated by a rule. Previously, the updated value might have replaced the row name or a neighbouring column value in the published message.
AA-5206 Gateway Importing Gateways no longer crash on setup change if the same managed entity name is present across multiple imported Gateway connections.
AA-5228 Netprobe If the Netprobe configuration file contains managed entities with the same name, self-announcing is disabled and the Netprobe does not connect.



Netprobe The File Transfer Monitoring (FTM) plug-in now retains the correct arrival time and delay values for multiple file arrivals.
COL-955 Netprobe The Network plug-in now displays correct values for packetSendDiscarded and packetReceiveDiscarded columns on Windows.
COL-6417 Netprobe The Hardware plug-in now shows correct values for last reboot time when the uptime is in XX mins format.
VI-2609 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor, Web server The Web Dashboard context menu now only displays hyperlinks of the objects and atomic groups inside a group.
VI-7414 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor The Active Console 2 now ships with ojdbc8.jar file to support Oracle database 12.2.
VI-7978 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor The dashboard object's custom tooltip no longer changes when a modifier is added, removed, or updated through the Object Inspector.
VI-8128 Web server The Web Dashboard now displays the correct GA version when starting up.
Release version GA4.11.0    
AA-5063 Gateway The text displayed when the connection to the License Daemon is lost is now spelled correctly: "LICD Disconnect. Using cache of existing licences."
AA-5064 Gateway Recurring scheduled commands now update correctly where the "end by" date/time changes. Previously the original "end by" would apply unless the Gateway was restarted.
AA-5098 Gateway The format() function in the Geneos rule language no longer rejects formats where more than one specifier includes a dot, for example "x=%2.2f y=%2.2f".
AA-5117 Gateway The unsnooze command /SNOOZE:unsnooze now requires a comment when "require snooze comments" is enabled. This does not affect the Active Console 2 because it defaults to the /SNOOZE:unsnoozeAllMe command, which has more options.
AA-5133 Gateway The unsnooze absent items command has been made more robust to prevent crashes due to memory issues on Linux.
AA-5164 Gateway Numbers can now be used in the topicPrefix string and the limit of the topicPrefix is now 200 characters.
AA-5217 Gateway The Gateway schema for SETS-SLC and WTS-PROCESSES now works without issues when publishing to hub.
COL-6556 Netprobe The headline restransmittedPackets is corrected to retransmittedPackets.
COL-6750 Netprobe The VMware monitoring integration can now work with ESXI 6.5 when built from latest source code.
VI-7078 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor Gateway Setup Editor no longer shows setup as modified when the -autoSort startup option is set unless this causes a change to the order of the items in the navigation tree.
VI-7891 Gateway Webslinger now supports using a forward slash (/) in managed entity attributes.
VI-8063 Active Console 2Gateway Setup Editor The Speedo Style Gauge, Half Gauge, Meter Gauge, and Light Them Gauge are now visible once more in the Tools & Modifiers dialog.
VI-8086 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor Locking code was refactored to avoid a deadlock that could occur when saving changes in the Gateway Setup Editor.

Known issues

These are the known issues affecting this release:

Issue key Known issue description

E4JMS — Non-durables plug-in is not displaying data starting Tibco EMS version 8.0 and newer.

Known issue since: Tibco EMS version 8.0 +

Planned fix version: GA4.12 (end of July 2019)


Gateway is unable to decrypt encoded passwords in the configuration when using the AES-256 key to start the Gateway. The Gateway log reports this error:

ERROR: encryption decryption error: 0 - error:06065064:digital envelope routines:EVP_DecryptFinal_ex:bad decrypt

As a workaround, execute a kill -USR1 command in the Gateway start script after the Gateway has started, so the Gateway can reread the setup with the correct AES key.

Known issue since: GA4.9.3

Planned fix version: GA4.12.0 (end of July 2019)


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