Geneos Release Notes GA4.10


Released: 31 January 2019

Updated: 28 March 2019

ITRS is pleased to announce the release of Geneos GA 4.10.x.

Geneos GA4.10 continues from our previous production release GA4.9. Geneos release notes contain the list of enhancement of features, and set of issues fixed in the current release.


To view the highlights in the Geneos release, see What's New.

Breaking changes

Active Dashboard Tooltip

GA4.10.0 release introduces the Show Tooltip on hover dashboard level setting to enable or disable the tooltip on dashboards. By default, Active Dashboard tooltips are disabled in GA4.10.0 release. Based on the feedback from users, we have reversed this behaviour so that from GA4.10.1, the Active Dashboard tooltips are enabled by default. This maintains behaviour prior to changes made in GA4.10.0.

For more information, see Dashboard Properties.

Geneos compatibility and lifecycle

For all upcoming changes to Geneos compatibility and lifecycle, refer to Geneos Compatibility Matrix.

Notice of Change Affected Components Effective Date Alternatives / Upgrade Path
End of support for Combo Plug-in Combo Plug-in 31 July, 2019 Gateway SQL plugin
End of support for Component Versions Component Versions Plug-in 31 July, 2019 No alternatives.
End of support for Feed Latency Monitor Plug-in (MDM) on Solaris platforms FLM Plugin on Solaris (x64 and Sparc) 31 July, 2019 Run FLM Plugin on Linux or Windows platforms.
End of support for Market Data Monitor Plug-in (MDM) on Solaris platform MDM Plug-in on Solaris (x64 and Sparc) 31 July, 2019 Run MDM Plug-in on Linux or Windows platforms.
End of support for Informix Plug-in Informix Plug-in 31 July, 2019 Toolkit script available in Resources.
Stop distribution of Active Console 2 for 32-bit Windows platform Active Console 2 on Windows 32-bit 31 January, 2019

Use Active Console 2 for 64-bit Windows Platform 32-bit Windows.

Active Console 2 is still supported for already available versions of GA3.x and GA4.x.

Stop distribution of Web Dashboard for Solaris platform Web Dashboard on Solaris (x64 and Sparc) 31 July, 2019

Use Linux distribution of Web Dashboard.

Solaris distribution of Web Dashboard is still supported for already available versions of GA3.x and GA4.x.

Stop distribution of Webslinger for Solaris platform Webslinger on Solaris (Sparc) 31 July, 2019

Use Linux distribution of Webslinger.

Solaris distribution of Web Slinger is still supported for already available versions of GA3.x and GA4.x.

Stop distribution of Gateway 2 for Solaris Platforms Gateway 2 on Solaris (x64 and Sparc) 31 July, 2019

Use Linux distribution of Gateway 2.

Solaris distribution of Gateway 2 is still supported for already available versions of GA3.x and GA4.x.


New features and enhancements

These are the features and enhancements in the current release:

Issue key Component Release description
Release GA4.10.1
AA-5809 Gateway Updates timezone file to 2018i2.
COL-6487 Netprobe Supports authentication of the Control-M server. A new advanced configuration is provided to toggle server authentication.
COL-6709 Netprobe Handles running elapsedTime of Control-M jobs with status Ended Not OK.
COL-6753 Netprobe Updates jackson-databind to 2.9.8 to address security vulnerability found in BlackDuck Scan.
COL-6754 Netprobe Adds Context-sensitive help for Control-M.
VI-7944 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor Updates jackson libraries to version 2.9.8 to address security vulnerabilities found in version 2.9.5.
VI-7963 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor The Show Tooltip on Hover flag on dashboard settings default to true.
Release GA4.10.0
AA-2226 Gateway Allows you to require comments when running Snooze or User Assignment commands.
AA-2244 Gateway Improves the error reporting in Gateway-SQL plug-in.
AA-2568 Gateway, Schema

Active times on specific days of the month.

Allows you to schedule active times on days in the form:

first | second | third | fourth | last day of named months | every month or a one off for a given year.

AA-2889 Gateway, Schema

Gateway-Severity Data plug-in allows filtering on severity.

Adds a new filter option to filter on severity. Options are filtered:

  • With no filter enabled, every severity above and including warning level is listed in the severity dataview.
  • When a severity filter is applied, warning or critical severities can be selected to be included in the dataview.

The filterIn headline variable reflects the setting of this filter. For example, warning=true,critical=false tells you that only warning messages are listed in the view.

Also, the warning and critical counts only reflect what is in the view and not the state of the system as a whole.

AA-4446 Gateway, Netprobe

SAN snooze and user assignment stored with the probe and transferred to Gateway on startup.

When a SAN probe connects to and receives setup, it sends messages to the connecting Gateway with the snooze and user assignment records that belong to the probe. These records are the definitive source of what is snoozed on the probe and the connecting Gateway removes all snooze and user assignment records it has belonging to that probe.

Then, it also add the snooze and user assignment records it receives. Where the item is snoozed on another Gateway, the XPath for the item changes as the new Gateway takes ownership. Newly user assigned and snoozed items get their records sync to the probe which store them on its working directory.

AA-4508 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor

When items are copied within the Gateway Setup Editor navigation tree, any passwords (for example, within Sampler or Type definitions) are stripped out of the copied item. Usually, this results in validation errors until each password is re-entered, or the password setting is removed from the copied item.

Passwords are not stripped when an item is moved by dragging and dropping or cutting and pasting.

AA-4563 Gateway Adds a new command called Disassociate probe that is available on Self-Announcing Netprobes that are not in the "Up" or "WaitingForProbe" connection states. The command removes the SAN from Gateway.
AA-4565 Gateway

A new section is added to the ShowRules command where path aliases are used within the rule. This section shows the name, first matching value returned by the path alias, and the number matches returned by the path.

Hovering over the name reveals the path as a hint, as it does currently within the rule.

AA-4704 Gateway

Allows you to require input on the following command arguments:

  • Single line strings
  • Multi line strings
  • Options
AA-4722 Gateway Adds the INFO and ERROR tags to rolling log messages.
AA-4724 Gateway Improves the message written to the Gateway log file when a component disconnects. It provides a readable description of the error and includes information about the remote host and port.
AA-4733 Gateway Adds a Gateway plug-in to monitor the data that the Gateway Hub receives.
AA-4735 Gateway Makes it possible to toggle on/off basic authentication and GSS negotiation. Both are on by default, unless one is turned off to speed up the other.
AA-4736 Gateway, Schema

Enables Kerberos authentication for remote include files on Linux through two new Gateway command line options:

-kerberos-principal <principal> — a unique identity to which Kerberos can assign tickets. For example, user@REALM or user/admin@REAL. 

-kerberos-keytab <path> — path to the keytab file. This is compulsory if the principal is specified.

For remote include files, both Kerberos GSS Negotiation and Basic authentication are supported. However, each can be turned off to speed up the other.

AA-4765 Gateway

Updates the timezone settings for the following:

  • Antarctica/Casey — changes the offset from UTC.
  • Asia/Gaza — new DST rules.
  • Asia/Hebron — new DST rules.
  • Asia/Jerusalem — new DST rules.
  • Asia/Pyongyang — changes the offset from UTC.
AA-4780 Gateway The Gateway-importedData plug-in sorts the list of requested data sets displayed in the requestedDataSets column, so that it is directly comparable with the list of provided data sets displayed in the providedDataSets column.
AA-4788 Gateway, Schema Adds a Gateway Command Password option under Commands > Advanced. You are required to enter the password when invoking user-defined commands that are run on the Gateway and have password enabled.
AA-4791 Gateway, Schema

GW-Severity Data Plug-in: Filter by severity

Introduces the new includeSeverityLevel setting. This setting works with the existing includeXXX settings to configure a state filter. This can be one of the following:

  • warning
  • critical
  • warningAndCritical

warningAndCritical is the default value.

These settings are reflected in a new headline variable stateFilter that starts with the severity levels configured with optional states. For example:

  • stateFilter : Warning AND Critical WITH User Assigned — tells you that the cells in the dataview contain warning or critical severity and include user assigned items.

AA-4813 Gateway Removes the restriction on alert names. Also, this allows things like paths to be configured as alert name.
AA-4817 Gateway

The following environment variables are added to the validation hook. All of which will exist but be blank if validation is not initiated by a user.

Environment variable content:

  • _USER — validates and save the setup.
  • _HOST — host machine name or IP address of the user.
  • _ROLES — Groups and roles that the user belongs to.
  • _USER_AUTHENTICATION_TYPE — type of authentication used to log into Geneos.

User authentication type:

  • GeneosAuthenticated — requires a username and password during Geneos authentication.
  • SSO — you are logged in through single sign on.
  • Generic — you are logged into Geneos using the generic user definition and permissions.
AA-4824 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor

Simplifies the use of comments within Gateway Setup Editor:

  • Simplified comments can be enabled/disabled by setting the simplifiedComments GCI flag to enabled or disabled. 
  • Comments can be added, edited, removed only on components present on the navigation panel.
  • XML comments can be added to any node by switching to XML mode.
  • Comments added on components in the navigation panel are displayed at the top of the corresponding settings panel.
  • If comments exist in XML and are not visible, a message displays below the comment dialog to indicate their presence (for example, "37 additional comment(s) in XML."). You can switch to XML mode to view them.
  • Removes all icons that indicate comments.
  • Comments in rule blocks are not affected by this change. 
  • By default, it disables simplified comments.
AA-4862 Gateway

Adds ability to list the users presented in Active Console 2 User Assignment drop-down using roleProperties.

This applies to users defined in the Gateway setup files and users obtained through SSO.

AA-4889 Gateway Adds ability to monitor the Gateway score (used by SAN probes to decide which Gateway to connect to) in the Gateway-probesData plug-in.
AA-4890 Gateway

Adds a new command /GATEWAY:rebalanceSANs that is available on Gateway.

This removes zero or more Self-Announcing Netprobes from the Gateway until the number of probes or the total Gateway score drops at or as close to the specified target value. It can be used to rebalance Self-Announcing Netprobes across a group of configured Gateways.

AA-4909 Gateway The adapter used by Gateway for publishing to Kafka and for connecting to the Gateway Hub sets the librdkafka configuration parameter log.connection.close to false by default. This avoids treating idle timeouts by the Kafka brokers as errors.
AA-4917 Schema Adds the option to define arguments as required in Tasks..
AA-4944 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor

The Propose Schema command is shown/hidden when enabled/disabled through a setup change without the need to restart Gateway Setup Editor.

Boolean entries in drop-down lists are correctly displayed with their intended default values.

AA-4949 Gateway Updates Gateway timezone file to IANA version 2018g.
AA-4952 Gateway The Gateway Timezone package is available for download independently of the Gateway package. It includes the timezone file and instructions on how to install it.
AA-5033 Gateway Where items are snoozed or user assigned until a severity changes. The internal publishing format reflects this with the tag "untilSeverityNot" rather than "untilSeverity".
COL-6319 CorvilNet Updates the curl library to 7.59.0.
COL-6320 CorvilNet Updates the net-snmp library of Corvil plug-in to 5.7.3.
COL-6321 CorvilNet Updates the expat library of Corvil plug-in to 2.2.5.
COL-6323 Control-M Updates the Apache Xerces to version 2.12.0.
COL-6451 Netprobe

New Control-M plug-in based on Control-M's REST API available from version 9.0.18.

This supports filters for jobs and columns, as well as configurable set of columns for each dataview.

COL-6546 E4JMS Plug-in Includes support to TIBCO EMS 8.4.1.
COL-6468 Netprobe Allows SAN and floating Netprobes to use a setup file from URL instead of the filesystem.
COL-6581 Netprobe HTTPS support for the Netprobe config from URL feature.
COL-6585 Netprobe Supports the Neprobe config from URL when Netprobe is run as a service.
UTL-1071 Licence Daemon License Daemon supports the new Control-M plugin. The plug-in is licensed on a per-instance basis.
VI-7481 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor Active Console 2 supports Remote Connection File/s hosted in a Kerberized web server.
VI-7555 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor

On the Gateway Setup Editor File menu, the Save All As and Save a Copy As options are replaced with a single Export item. This exports a copy of all loaded and editable setup files to a new location on disk while maintaining the editing connection to the Gateway.

When you do not have a permission to save any of the files concerned, the Save and Export options are disabled on Gateway Setup Editor.

VI-7643 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor Removes the non-plaintext passwords from the setup files that are saved to disk using the File > Save as or File > Export options on Gateway Setup Editor.
VI-7721 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor, Web server Adds the Show Tooltip on hover property for dashboards.
VI-7761 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor Makes the available edit options for a given selection of nodes on Gateway Setup Editor, when accessed through right-click menu or the Edit menu, consistent.
VI-7780 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor

Removes SSO from the logon method drop-down when Gateway Setup Editor is running as a standalone process.

When Gateway Setup Editor opens as a separate process from Active Console 2 with logon method set to SSO, then an error message displays and the GSE fails to start.

VI-7880 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor Modifiers are editable through the Object Inspector dockable.
VI-7881 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor Links are available in the Object Inspector dockable. You can now add, edit, and delete links using the object inspector.
VI-7882 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor Object Inspector dockable is persisted in the Active Console workspace.
VI-7889 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor Adds the Pilot Feature text in Object Inspector title bar.

Issues fixed

These are the issues we have fixed in the current release:

Issue key Component Release description
Release GA4.10.2
AA-5118 Gateway The Gateway no longer crashes when the type of an environment variable changes.
UTL-1083 Licence Daemon The performance of the Licence Daemon web interface, in particular the detailed CSV report, has been improved.
Release GA4.10.1
AA-5068 Gateway

Addresses two memory leaks in Gateway.

The main one occurs when rules queried Attributes from data items. While, the second one occurs when action output is processed.

AA-5074 Gateway Fixes a crash in Gateway that occurs if an invalid XName is passed to Gateway as a command target.
AA-5078 Gateway Fixes a crash in that occurs when the number of addresses in the _TO variable does not match the number of names in the _TO_NAME variable. This also affects the _CC/_CC_NAME and _BCC/_BCC_NAME variables pairs.
COL-5950 Netprobe Encloses Service image path value with double quote to address security vulnerability.
COL-6285 Netprobe When partitions with comma in their names are specified in the Disk plug-in configuration, the partitions are properly monitored and displayed in the dataview.
COL-6703 Netprobe Deprecates MDI connection type setting for RFA Feed in FLM plug-in configuration.
COL-6746 Netprobe Modifies memory protection mechanism so that Netprobe does not restart when DISABLE_MEM_PROTECTION is true, when MAM_MAX is not zero, and the memory usage exceeds memory growth ratio times initial memory usage in windows.
COL-6779 Netprobe Adds a checking if physical CPU value is not equal to zero. This is used to avoid error when computing for number of cores per CPU.
COL-6826 Netprobe Fixes the PUT and GET RMS commands to transfer files from Gateway to Netprobe directory.
COL-6828 Netprobe Fixes command line install of self-announcing Netprobe.
COL-6771 Integrations Package is not generated from the correct branch.
VI-7952 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor Importing events from Hub with ignored time should query successfully and not load endlessly.
VI-7956 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor The Find field returns all cells being search without any hang or freezing from deadlock.
VI-7957 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor Displays tooltips when hovering over the Managed Entities items.
Release GA4.10.0
AA-217 Schema Allows the value first(wpath "X" value) like "min" within a rule without a mismatched child node error.
AA-936 Gateway Executes the SampleNow command with a dataview cell or headline as a target. This allows it to be executed from an action triggered by a rule. Also, when the command is executed for a sampler, it only acts on that sampler. But, when it is executed for a managed entity, it only acts on the samplers on that entity.
AA-4317 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor When the GSE refactoring tool is used and some of the changes appear in summarised settings, such as XPaths used in the Gateway SQL plug-in, these summaries are correctly updated.
AA-4342 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor Adding additional forward slashes to a rule block comment no longer causes the rule to become uneditable.
AA-4589 Gateway Prevents crash on Solaris where partial read does not result in a runtime exception.
AA-4610 Gateway Gateway no longer crashes when its own host name and port are specified in a probe's setup.
AA-4629 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor Deletes multiple selected items from the right-click menu. The behaviour matches the functionwhen using the delete key.
AA-4703 Gateway Gateway no longer crashes when a command is given the same label as a containing command group.
AA-4708 Gateway, Netprobe When the format used to parse date/time data uses the %z format code to parse a fixed offset from UTC, Gateway interprets the time correctly. Previously, this format code does not work correctly if the Gateway was running in a timezone with a non-zero offset from UTC.
AA-4716 Gateway Changes the state model of the Gateway's Kafka adapter so that once the producer detects a problem with the connection to the Kafka brokers, it will not conclude that the connection is working until at least one message is acknowledged by the Kafka brokers.
AA-4717 Gateway Improves Gateway logging such that log messages are not split over multiple lines.
AA-4754 Gateway Fixes by AA-936.
AA-4756 Gateway The parseDate function in the Rules language supports the %s and %z format codes (which parse input with a fixed offset from UTC) in all time zones.
AA-4760 Gateway When the flat file or XML audit output file exceeds the configured maximum size and is rolled over, the specified archive script (if any) is run as documented.
AA-4792 Gateway The filterOut headline on the following plug-ins shows filtered out attributes separated accurately with OR, instead of AND.
AA-4816 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor Sanitises the scheduled command passwords, such that these are not available through copy XML or save as features.
AA-4821 Gateway Amends the Kafka adapter so once it fails to start due to a configuration error and the Gateway stops before the error is resolved, it does not cause a segmentation fault as the Gateway exits.
AA-4860 Gateway Lists -minTLSversion in the command line help options.
AA-4863 Gateway Corrects the constraint check on the assigned table for MySQL Schema 1.8.
AA-4913 Gateway Fixes the sampler schema for Gateway-datalogging plug-in.
AA-4921 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor, Netprobe

Improves the messages that the Geneos components log when errors occur on connections to other processes:

  • Internal Geneos error numbers (in the range -800 to -891) are no longer included in log messages.
  • If available, it displays the peer host and port instead of the text "None" or "pConnector is Non NULL".
  • Correctly format the messages that are written directly to the processes standard output as Geneos log messages.


AA-4983 Gateway Displays the variables with special characters in the output of the Show Variables command.
AA-5008 Netprobe Corrects the Self Announcing Netprobes (SANs) with variables under a managed entity name that contained elements, such as host or port, to have their variable associated with the expanded managed entity once the probe connected to a Gateway
AA-5017 Gateway Removes duplicate update to publishing when a rule sets severity or active to the same value it previously head. For example, critical to critical.
AA-5029 Gateway Propose Schema and Show Current Schema commands are not available on Gateway platforms that do not support Kafka publishing.
AA-5042 Netprobe Netprobe no longer uses 100% of CPU when run with command line option -listenip none.
AA-5050 Gateway Fixes the issue when a primary Gateway initiating a sync might fail to start database logging when a hot-standby setup is use.
COL-641 Plug-in Fixes the search functionality for the Processes plug-in Parent ID.
COL-1018 Gateway Implements the changes so that when the SampleNow command is executed for a sampler, it only acts on that sampler. But, when it is executed for a managed entity, it only acts on the samplers on that entity.
COL-1298 Netprobe Fixes the Parent ID search functionality for Processes plug-in.
COL-6037 Netprobe Fixes the Parent ID search functionality for Processes plug-in.
COL-6048 Netprobe Fixes the issue where in the WinApp plug-in is showing task status Running, even when the Task Manager is showing Not Responding.
COL-6166 FKM Plug-in Fixes unable to read files inside folders without read-permission
COL-6261 Netprobe Supports Windows 2008 64-bit in Netprobe.
COL-6327 Netprobe State tracker handles exceptions from PCRE errors and print them to the Netprobe log. It no longer crashes when state tracker log is updated with a very long line.
COL-6345 FKM Plug-in Fixes wildcard issues in filename in FKM for Windows platform.
VI-1 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor Exporting a tabbed metrics view generates a file with the same tab order as at the point of export.
VI-2528 Webslinger Webslinger no longer crashes when the primary Gateway of a Hot-Standby pair comes up and Webslinger is configured to only connect to the primary Gateway.
VI-7463 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor Displays the hidden Active Dashboards dockable when creating charts through the Chart > New Chart option from the metrics view.
VI-7613 Schema

Affects how the GSE displays regex flag settings.

Currently, these are a collection of booleans that the GSE displays as a drop-down list with OK and Cancel buttons. This does not work well within tables. The schema change tweaks the type, while keeping the boolean properties, such that the GSE opens a dialog for the settings within a table.

VI-7633 Web server Displays the links of an atomic group inside a grouped tool in the Web Dashboard.
VI-7723 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor SampleNow command (executed from ME or Sampler) updates the currently displayed Metrics view.
VI-7745 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor

When the Gateway Setup Editor is launched from the Active Console as a standalone process, it can connect to secure and insecure Gateways through the following logon methods:

  • Always ask
  • Ask once
  • Use system

SSO logon is not supported when the Gateway Setup Editor opens as a standalone process.

VI-7756 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor

Right-click to copy XML and press Ctrl + Shift + C copy the XML to the clipboard in exactly the same format.

Copying XML by pressing Ctrl + Shift + C also sanitises any passwords present in the XML.

VI-7791 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor Requesting Help in GSE from settings within Tables that do not have XML displays the relevant help information.
VI-7796 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor Removes the unnecessary line separators from the GSE's right-click menu.
VI-7812 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor In Summary mode, it does not display the Schema Information panel on the Publishing tab of a sampler.
VI-7846 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor Displays the components on the Visibility tab of a sampler after the Proposed Schema command is run.
VI-7873 Web server Changes the log entry for web dashboard version higher than a Gateway's minimum component version from WebServerVersionIsOlderThanMinimum to ActiveConsoleVersionIsOlderThanMinimum.

Known issues

These are the known issues affecting this release:

Issue key Known issue description

Tooltip is not displayed when hovering over Managed Entity in the Managed Entities dockable. Managed Entities in State Tree dockable are able to display tooltips.

Known issue since: GA4.10.0

Fixed in version: GA4.10.1


SampleNow command (executed from ME or Sampler) fails to update the sample time displayed in Metric View.

Known issue since: N/A

Fixed in version: GA4.10.0


When a Command is given the same label as a containing Command Group, the Gateway may crash while saving the configuration.

Fixed in version: GA4.10.0


Running GA4.9.x Netprobe with command line argument -listenip none leads to excessive CPU usage.

Known issue since: GA4.9.0

Fixed in version: GA4.10.0


Referencing stringList variables in Actions may cause Gateway to crash.

Known issue since: GA4.6.0


The status remains Pending even if there are heartbeat messages after login and logoff.

Known issue since: GA4.1.0 (possibly earlier versions too)

Fixed in version: GA4.9.2


MIB-MON does not work in the same Netprobe instance as Trapmon. When Trapmon is configured, it sets a flag to the netsnmp library that is not compatible with MIB-MONs usage of the same libraries.

Known Issue Since: GA4.1.0

Fixed in version: GA4.9.2


The new file matching code introduced to FKM in GA4.3.0 returns a permission error in Windows platforms ("NOT_FOUND") if an intermediate directory does not have appropriately open permissions.

This is because the _findMatchingFiles()_ function needs to traverse the file path starting from the top or parent directory and continues to traverse through succeeding directories until it reaches the last/target directory level. Any permission issue that is encountered while traversing these directories breaks the traversal.

Known issue since: GA4.3.0

Fixed in version: GA4.10.0


The 64-bit Windows Netprobe does not correctly install and run in Windows Server 2008 (Build 6001). The _K32GetModuleFileNameExA_ error message appears. As the investigations continue, the only workaround for this OS version is to continue using the 32-bit Netprobe build.

Known issue since: GA4.0.0 (first 64-bit Windows build)

Fixed in version: GA4.10.0


Receives multiple reports of the 64-bit Windows Netprobe that crashes intermittently with MIB-MON. As this is intermittent, the exact solution is yet to be identified and this requires further analysis. If you require MIB-MON on Windows (and you cannot, for example, deploy a Linux Netprobe), then consider remaining on a 32-bit release for the moment.

Known issue since: GA4.0.0 (initial release of 64-bit Windows Netprobe)

Fixed in version: GA4.9.2


The use of a wildcard ("*") in a filename in FKM running on a Windows Netprobe overrides other text.

For exampple, _C:\TEMP\*.log_ will also match _C:\TEMP\Reporting.log _ _. This appears to have been introduced as part of the fixes around case insensitive matching.

Known issue since: GA4.3.0

Fixed in version: GA4.10.0


Disclaimer: The information contained in this document is for general information and guidance on our products, services, and other matters. It is only for information purposes and is not intended as advice which should be relied upon. We try to ensure that the content of this document is accurate and up-to-date, but this cannot be guaranteed. Changes may be made to our products, services, and other matters which are not noted or recorded herein. All liability for loss and damage arising from reliance on this document is excluded (except where death or personal injury arises from our negligence or loss or damage arises from any fraud on our part).

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