Geneos Release Notes GA4.1


Released: 31 May, 2017

Last updated: 16 June, 2017

ITRS is pleased to announce the release of Geneos GA4.1.x.

Geneos GA4.1 continues from our previous production release GA4.0. Geneos release notes contain the list of enhancement of features, and set of issues fixed in the current release.

Active Console 2 is upgraded to GA4.1.1 that includes the fix for ACX-4412 to make tooltips appear correctly in the entities view.


To view the highlights in the Geneos release, see What's New.

Notice of changes

Introduces changes to Geneos packages in GA4.0:

  • Name of the package file is geneos-<component>-<version>.<platform>.<tar.gz/zip>
    • For example, geneos-netprobe-4.0.0.solaris-x64.tar.gz.
  • Packages contains a root directory <component>.
  • Libraries are located within a sub-directory named lib or lib64:

GA4.0 introduces the following compatibility changes:

Notice of change Affected component Alternatives/Upgraded oath

Following 32 bit components will NOT be available to download in Geneos GA4.0 and newer.

Note: These are still supported in Geneos GA3.x versions.

32-bit Netprobe on AIX, Linux, Solaris x86, Solaris Sparc

32-bit Gateway 2 on Linux, Solaris x86

32-bit Licence Daemon on Linux, Solaris x86

32-bit Web Dashboard on Linux, Solaris x86, Solaris Sparc

32-bit File Agent on AIX, Linux, Solaris x86, Solaris Sparc

Netprobe, Gateway 2, Licence Daemon, Web Dashboard, File Agent Upgrade to 64-bit equivalent components.
Web Montage is not available to download in Geneos GA4.0 and newer. Web Montage Web Montage versions GA3.7.0, GA3.2.0 and GA3.1.1 will continue to be supported.

Issues fixed

These are the issues fixed, such as bug and story, in the release:

Issue type Issue key Release component Release description
Bug ACX-4412 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor Fixes the tooltips to make it appear when you hover Managed Entity in the entities view.
Bug GSE-1455 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor The first time one of these options was used the File name text file was uneditable. This is no longer the case.
Bug GFR-713 Gateway, Licence Daemon Gateway uses cached licenses correctly for samplers when licensing daemon is offline.
Enhancement GWX-2773 Gateway The absolute path of the diagnostics file is now logged on command completion.
Documentation GWX-2668 Gateway Amends the database schema version indicated in the Gateway reference guide.
Enhancement GWX-2823 Gateway A statistics category, "restService" has been added to the Gateway Load Monitoring feature. Time spent running code related to the REST service is recorded in this category.
Bug GWX-2817 Gateway Stats iterator is not locking structure, it is iterating over leading to possibility of corrupt pointers being referenced.
Bug GSE-1224 Gateway GSE correctly jumps to correct part of the setup when errors are selected in the GSE.
Bug GWX-2792 Gateway

Schema description for event max description length under database logging has been mentioned incorrectly as audit max description length. this has been corrected to event max description length.

Audit table logging can be enabled by adding auditing section in setup. The length of the description logged can be edited by enabling the max description in auditing section.

Documentation GWX-2763 Gateway Improves Breach Predictor documentation guide.
Enhancement GWX-2820 Gateway Allows you to generate a structured output from -validate and log the output to a json file. Also fix -validate to report errors on the schema version number and compatibility level.
Bug GSE-1495 Gateway Fixes lock time reported by GSE to be Year-Month-Day.
Documentation GWX-2682 Gateway Corrects typo in GW-SQL xpath screenshot.
Documentation GWX-2812 Gateway The secure flags and ports were not documented in the Gateway Reference guide. That has been corrected.
Bug GWX-2825 Gateway Evaluate xpaths in probe commands at execution time, where the command was previously unpublished.
Bug GWX-2784 Gateway Database Logging is fixed to resume connection after a pause with primary/secondary restart.
Bug GWX-2816 Gateway, Netprobe, EUEM Netprobe, Licence Auditor, Webslinger, Licence Daemon, Web Server, Gateway Recorder, Fix Analyser 2, File Agent When an i/o request on a secure connection was interrupted, the EMF2 communications layer would set both read and write interest on the file descriptor. It is possible that this could cause a busy loop in some circumstances. The code has been amended to only set write interest when the openSSL library indicates that this is required.
Enhancement GWX-2786 Gateway REST commands accept any target that matches a a single data item.
Enhancement GFR-690 Gateway. Netprobe, Licence Daemon, Webslinger

When a Geneos server component (Gateway, Netprobe, Licence Daemon or Webslinger) is configured to provide secure connections by using an SSL certificate, it will check the "notBefore" and "notAfter" dates of the certificate. If the certificate has expired, or is not yet valid, a warning message will be written to the log file. If the certificate is valid, an informational message will be written stating how many days of validity remain.

Additionally, the GatewayData gateway plug-in now includes a row showing sslCertificateDaysRemaining. This allows Geneos administrators to set up a rule so that they can be alerted when the Gateway's certificate is about to expire.

Enhancement GWX-2821 Gateway The Gateway REST service allows you to issue a validation request against the gateway, as long as they have view permission against the main setup file. The response to this request is a report in JSON format of the issues (if any) detected by the Gateway as it applied its setup.
Bug GWX-2796 Gateway

Previously a Task containing probe commands would fail if the command required arguments. This was because at the time of validation the commands were not published by the Netprobe.

The Gateway will now look up the command definition when the task is executed and reapply the configuration for the task at hand checking for errors. Errors found are reported in the execution log and Gateway log.

Documentation GSE-1498 Gateway Gateway now correctly jumps to correct help section for Data Sets settings in the GSE.
Documentation GWX-2742 Gateway For variable _VALIDATE_TYPE passed to validation hooks, we now list all the values the variable can take.
Bug GWX-2776 Gateway getCreateFastName does not use the mutex provided to control the creation of fastname. That has been created.
Enhancement GWX-2822 Gateway

New REST endpoints have been added to make it easy to get a list of targets against which to execute commands.

The /rest/xpaths/match endpoint returns a list of data item paths matching an xpath target expression.

The /rest/xpaths/commandTargets returns a list of data item paths which are valid targets for a given command.

A sample script has been provided in the Gateway resources directory to use this feature to run a given command against the targets that match a given xpath target expression.

Bug GWX-2718 Gateway Improves Gateway validation errors.
Bug GWX-2779 Gateway Gateway no longer crashes if connection is dropped due to authentication changes.
Enhancement GSE-1481 Gateway Validates the Operating environment timezone against understood formats and against zoneinfo database where available.
Documentation GWX-2697 Gateway A number of errors and omissions have been corrected in the database section in gateway reference manual and database manual.
Documentation GWX-1232 Gateway Updates screenshots to reflect the current UI provided by the GSE.
Bug GSE-1482 Gateway Links from errors to setup now work for both main and include files.
Bug GWX-2813 Gateway

Adds the missing files back into Auditor package:

  • Templates dir on all platforms.
  • DLL on windows platforms.
Bug GWX-2775 Gateway Fixes the argument processing of Tasks.
Bug GWX-2824 Gateway Fixes the metadata stream targets published via the publishing module of Gateway.
Bug GWX-2814 Gateway Adds directory-resend request to nanomsg_stats. This is required for correct operation with Nanomsg publisher Added new columns (all name and filter attributes) .
Bug GWX-2787 Gateway Only active gateways can run REST commands successfully. If a REST request is sent to the inactive gateway in a hot standby pair, it will return an error, with the explanatory text "Gateway is not active".
Enhancement GWX-2788 Gateway Add info to Gateway Data view about database Schema Version used and maximum schema version supported by gateway.
Bug GWX-2777 Gateway Locks in DirectoryNameProcessor::getAttributeDirect were not complete. Core review highlighted code paths where locks that should have been acquired were not.
Enhancement GWX-2737 Gateway When Gateway Sharing is used, a number of Gateway plugins support a user command to "Connect to Source Gateway". In some cases the hostname and port configured on the exporting gateway are not the connection parameters which the Active Console needs to use. The Gateway now supports configuration settings to allow other values to be specified for these parameters.
Bug PLI-2309 Netprobe Fixes an issue wherein when Netprobe runs under elevated privileges (example, using setcap/setuid), the runtime libraries are not loaded properly.
Bug GWX-2794 Netprobe 'Last sample info' command works if sampler name contains a space character. changed netprobe to publish sample info correctly when sampler name has a space character.
Bug PLI-2256 Netprobe Updates the Error messages of Perfmon plug-in to be more descriptive.
Bug PLW-746 Netprobe Changes the environment variable paths of AIX build server.
Enhancement PLI-2178 Netprobe Updates the Error messages of Perfmon plug-in to be more descriptive.
Enhancement NPX-917 Netprobe Modifies the template files of Netprobe, File Agent, and EUEM Netprobeso that these run the 64-bit components instead of the 32-bit components, since the 32-bit components are not available starting GA4.0.
Bug WEB-456 Webslinger Webslinger no longer fails to display cells that contain angle brackets.
Bug PLT-613 File Agent Fixes the File Agent Start Script Template file to refer to correct executable.

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