Geneos Release Notes GA3.7


Released: 1 August, 2016

Last updated: 25 August, 2016

ITRS is pleased to announce the release of Geneos GA3.7.x.

Geneos GA3.7 continues from our previous production release GA3.6. Geneos release notes contain the list of enhancement of features, and set of issues fixed in the current release.

  • Web Services (Web Montage) version GA3.7.0 is available with updated libraries to fix known vulnerabilities. Upgrading to GA3.7 also requires upgrading Open Access to version 2.3.
  • Active Console 2 is updated (GA3.7.1) to fix loading issue when older version of libeay32.dll is present in the system folders.

Last updated: 18 August, 2016

Netprobe and EUEM Netprobe have been updated (version GA3.7.1) to remove RPATH ELF header from 3rd party dependencies. Netprobe also contains an updated RFA dictionary file for Elektron Pulse data.

Last updated: 11 August, 2016

Gateway 2 has been updated (version GA3.7.1) to remove RPATH ELF header from 3rd party dependencies.


The highlights include the following:

  • The Gateway Publishing feature allows you to export Gateway data to external systems. In this release, GatewayPublishing feature is enhanced to support Apache Kafka messaging system. This will enable you to easily configure Gateways to produce kafka messages that you can consume into other systems and applications. The data published by the Gateway includes all dataview changes along with severity, snooze and user assignment information.
    • Publishing to Kafka is supported on Linux 64bit version of Gateway. Other Gateway platforms are planned for end of 2016.
    • You may notice increase in Gateway CPU usage as a result of enabling Kafka publishing feature. Our tests have shown around 10 to 20 percent increase in Gateway CPU usage. We recommend you evaluate the impact based on your environment and Gateway configuration before enabling Kafka publishing in production.
  • Geneos is a highly distributed system with many Gateways deployed across teams and regions. Often it is desirable to get visibility across your many hundreds of Gateways so that you can implement processes to help manage your monitored environment. One of the ways this can be achieved is by using Gateway Sharing feature to export summary information from all your hundreds of Gateways and import that into a smaller set of Gateways that a small team can manage without being connected to hundreds of Gateways all the time. This enhancement delivers two key features to enable that.
    • Gateway Severity Data Plugin: Similar to User Assigned and Snooze data plug-ins, this view shows all warning and critical severity items within a Gateway.
    • Ability to connect to source Gateway: Where a user is connected to small set of summary Gateways via Active Console, this enhancement enables them to dynamically connect to the source Gateway in order to investigate any issues.
    • This means you are not always connected to all your hundreds of Gateways, instead you are always connected to your summary Gateways with ability to easily connect to source Gateways when needed.
  • REST service for Gateway Commands:
    • Gateway commands are the primary method of interaction between Gateway and users. Commands are usually invoked by users through the Active Console user interface or scheduled in the Gateway to execute automatically. This enhancement is to allow users to run Gateway commands without having to interact through a Geneos GUI so that for example you could create scripts that can be run to take actions across multiple Gateways.
  • Consume Elektron Pulse data:
    • Reuters RFA adapter for Market Data Monitoring (MDM) to support consuming Elektron Pulse data. This enables users to monitor their Reuters service infrastructure alongside monitoring the health and integrity of the data itself.
    • To consume Elektron Pulse data, you will need an updated enumtype.def from or based on TREP Template version 15.91 or newer. This can be downloaded from Thomson Reuters Customer Zone.

Notice of changes

GA3.7 introduces the following compatibility changes:

Release notice Affected component
GA3.7 version is continuation of the previous production release GA3.6, with number of fixes as listed at the bottom of this page. Netprobe
GA3.7 version is continuation of the previous production release GA3.6, with number of fixes as listed at the bottom of this page. EUEM Netprobe
GA3.7 version is continuation of the previous production release GA3.6, with number of fixes as listed at the bottom of this page. Fix Analyser 2
GA3.7 version is continuation of the previous production release GA3.6, with number of fixes as listed at the bottom of this page. File Agent

GA3.7 version is continuation of the previous production release GA3.6, with number of fixes as listed at the bottom of this page.

Couple of issues to be aware of when enabling Gateway Kafka publishing feature. These issues are scheduled to be fixed in next release:

  • If working directory of Gateway does not contain lib64/, then please add the following to the Gateway configuration: Publishing > Advanced Tab > Additional settings: adapter.library.path=<path to library>.
  • If Gateway is unable to reach the Kafka broker, messages will be buffered by the Kafka adapter. By default, up to 100,000 messages will be buffered. This limit can be altered by setting the following in the Gateway configuration: Publishing > Advanced Tab > Additional settings: kafka.queue.buffering.max.messages=<num of messages>. Once the buffer limit is reached, Gateway will start discarding published messages. Gateway will log error for every message it discards, which can cause Gateway log file to grow. This is generally not an issue in fault tolerant Kafka broker deployment, but users should be aware of this to minimise any impact.
Gateway 2
GA3.7 version is continuation of the previous production release GA3.6, with number of fixes as listed at the bottom of this page. Licence Daemon
GA3.7 version is continuation of the previous production release GA3.6, with number of fixes as listed at the bottom of this page. Active Console 2
GA3.7 version is continuation of the previous production release GA3.6, with number of fixes as listed at the bottom of this page. Web server (Web dashboard)
GA3.7 version is continuation of the previous production release GA3.2, with number of fixes as listed at the bottom of this page.. Upgrading Web Montage to GA3.7 will also require Open Access version 2.3 or newer. Web services (Web montage)

GA3.7 version is continuation of the previous production release GA3.6, with number of fixes as listed at the bottom of this page.

Starting from version GA3.6, a Web Slinger connecting to an authenticated Gateway will require its connection to be authenticated. Web Slinger can now be configured to connect to Gateways using authentication. Gateways are now modified to reject connections where Gateway authentication is turned on but the connection is not authenticated.

Web slinger

Issues fixed

These are the issues fixed, such as bug and story, in the release:

Issue type Issue key Release component Release description
Enhancement PLM-285 Netprobe

Aside from MARKET_PRICE message model type, MDM RFA can now support DOMAIN_TYPE_11 message model type. This can be set by using a new key called "messageModelType" in the RFA feed configuration.

Map values from the server can also be processed by using the new [mapEntry] key.

Enhancement PLM-290 Netprobe Changes the data type used to process instrument subscriptions to improve performance.
Enhancement PLM-299 Netprobe RFA Dictionary files packaged with the netprobe is now updated to v16.51.
Enhancement GWX-2724 Netprobe The plug-in monitors and displays details of all cells with WARNING or higher severity. The plugin can be configured to monitor a subset of the cells by filtering the output by Managed Entity. Number of other filters also available to filter items based on snooze, user assigned or active state.
Enhancement GWX-2667 Gateway, Netprobe

Provides a default User-Agent string in the form "Geneos/<version> (Component[ - sub-component])" unless this is overriden by the component.

This currently affects Gateway and Netprobe components.


  • Valo Streaming Data Plug-in
  • Setup Remote Includes


  • Pats Status
  • WebMon
  • FixCameron
Enhancement ACX-4316 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor Active Console uses Java 1.8. The packaged JRE with Active Console will also be upgraded to version 1.8.
Enhancement ACX-4328 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor 'Connect to Source Gateway' command now available for severityData, snoozeData and userAssignmentData plugins.
Enhancement WEB-403 Web server Creates a 64-bit binary for the Web Dashboard on Linux.
Enhancement WEB-402 Web server Adds support for Java 8 for the Linux Webdashboard.
Enhancement GWX-2726 Gateway

As well as running commands via Geneos clients such as Active Console and Web Dashboard, the gateway has the ability to enable a rest service that allows any third party application to send requests to the gateway to run commands.

The application sends a POST request to the gateway REST service URL with a JSON data package. The format of the REST service response can be controlled using HTTP content negotiation.

Enhancement GWX-2728 Gateway

Gateway can publish data to external systems, for example ITRS Insights, via a dynamically loaded adapter.

As of release Gateway release 3.7, the 64-bit Linux gateway distribution includes adapters for publishing via Nanomsg or Kafka.

When publishing to Kafka, a fixed set of topics is used; metrics and metadata messages also have a key, grouping all messages related to a given dataview, which is used to distribute messages between Kafka partitions. Timestamps are formatted using ISO 8601 format.

Enhancement GWX-2730 Gateway It is now possible to set the timezone where probes are running so that the probe timestamp can be correctly converted to UTC when publishing data via Gateway Publishing. The setting is available in GSE under Probes - Basic tab - Timezone
Documentation PLW-734 Netprobe Updates section 2.8 to add WebSphere connection details.
Documentation PLD-183 Netprobe Updates documentation to include information on MS ODBC Driver 11 support for SQL-Toolkit.
Documentation PLI-2208 Netprobe Adds note stating that TCP Links plugin uses netstat and the net-tools package must be on a minimal RHEL7 installation.
Documentation NPX-893 Netprobe Updates list of supported platforms with a link to the Geneos Compatibility Matrix.
Documentation NPX-808 Netprobe Adds a new Command Line Options chapter.
Documentation PLA-399 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor NYXT PAPA stats and NYXT MAMA stats already in gse help module.
Documentation GWX-2596 Gateway Updates Database Document to contain correct download and update info.
Bug WEB-431 Web server Adjusts the tooltip hotspots for web dashboard objects. Previously, the hotspots were placed slightly a bit higher than the actual object/shape.
Bug WEB-439 Web server Dashboards with custom modifiers no longer throws error messages when loaded in Web Dashboard.
Bug WMX-439 Web services (Web montage) Updates the Web Montage Libraries and JDK version to 1.8.
Bug PLW-722 Netprobe Improves handling of Java exceptions that may occur during connection attempts to EMS servers by printing the information to the Netprobe log and showing in the samplingStatus headline of the dataview.
Bug PLI-2235 Netprobe Fixes issue where there are missing lines when a file is rolled over. On Windows, however, this only works when netprobe is run as admin and if the file is in an NTFS file system.
Bug PLI-2257 Netprobe Fxes an issue in the hardware plugin where Windows 2012R2 and 8.1 are returning the incorrect major.minor version numbers. This change also fixes the text in the OS field for Windows 2012 and Windows 8 such that the correct Windows version name is shown.
Bug PLT-609 Netprobe Corrects the size values for the day tags being used by IX-MA.
Bug PLM-298 Netprobe Fixes MDM RFA Crash due to uninitialized variable. The crash has been observed only in debug build, when subscribed fields include status fields.
Bug PLM-293 Netprobe Aside from the custom fields codes mentioned in the MDMQuantfeed documentation, the FeedOS fields codes(quotation tags) are also supported. These FeedOS fields codes are stated in "FeedOS quotation tags User Guide" document from QuantHouse.
Bug PLD-198 Netprobe Fixes error when changing credentials used to connect to an MS SQL Server Database.
Bug NPX-884 Netprobe Fixes issue when running actions or commands with absolute path in Windows.
Bug ACX-4322 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor Removes 'Line Annotation Visible' dashboard object property in the Custom Modifier dialog.
Bug ACX-4317 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor Specific rules are now retained for modifiers with boolean data item property mapped to colour, even when reloading workspace.
Bug ACX-4338 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor Fixes issue with AC2 not loading when older versions of libeay32.dll is present in the system folders.
Bug ACX-4001 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor Supports loading of workspace from https location.
Bug GWX-2725 Gateway Show Rules command now shows rule default names.
Bug GWX-2696 Gateway Importing Gateway no more remains connected to a gateway which is in standby mode.
Bug GWX-2660 Gateway

Rules now pass the cell value that triggered a severity change to Alerting so that the value can then be passed on correctly inside the alerts.

Prior to this fix, the alert would look up this value, and in cases where the value was changing fast, the value would not match the value that triggered the alert.

Bug GWX-2706 Gateway Issue where database icon was crossed out when database was actually successfully committing data to the database has been fixed.
Bug GFR-701 Netprobe Updates openssl 1.0.2g libraries to include backported 1.0.2h security fixes.
Bug GFR-704, GFR-705 Gateway, Netprobe, EUEM Netprobe Strip RPATH ELF header from 3rd party dependencies.
Bug GWX-2727 Gateway Gateway plug-ins set the correct plug-in name.

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