Geneos Release Notes GA3.2


Released: 1 October, 2015

Last updated: 22 October, 2015

ITRS is pleased to announce the release of Geneos GA3.2.x.

Geneos GA3.2 continues from our previous production release GA3.1. Geneos release notes contain the list of enhancement of features, and set of issues fixed in the current release.

Web Dashboard version GA3.2.1 is now available including some important fixes including authenticated access to Web Dashboard.

Last updated: 15 October, 2015

We discovered an issue (GWX-2655) with GA3.2.0 version of Gateway 2, and a fix is now available in GA3.2.1 version of Gateway 2. If you have downloaded GA3.2.0 version of Gateway 2, we advise you to upgrade to GA3.2.1 version.

Note: We have made a change to the Geneos version numbering to better align with our release process. Starting from now, our regular releases (about once every 2 months) will increment the middle digit instead of the last digit. For example, GA3.2.0, GA3.3.0. The third digit will be used for ad-hoc fixes planned in-between regular release cycle. This change does not affect the version number format or the schema version compatibility.


The highlights include the following:

  • New Exegy market data feed adapter for MDM plugin, adding to the number of feed adapters already available for monitoring the health of your market data.
  • Toolkit plugin now displays the script execution time as a headline variable.
  • Oracle, Sybase and Sybase-Server plugins can now be configured to drop database connection at end of every sample.
  • Web Montage now supports multi-cluster connection to Open Access, giving a global view into Geneos data.
  • Web Dashboard now supports authentication.
  • Improved compatibility support:
    • Added support for Internet Explorer 10 and 11.
    • Added support for Linux SUSE SLES 11 and 12.
    • A new 64 bit Licence Daemon is now available for Linux platform.

Notice of changes

GA3.2 introduces the following compatibility changes:

Release notice Affected component
GA3.2 version is continuation of the previous production release GA3.1.2-150722, with number of fixes as listed at the bottom of this page. Netprobe
GA3.2 version is continuation of the previous production release GA3.1.2-150722, with number of fixes as listed at the bottom of this page. EUEM Netprobe
GA3.2 version is continuation of the previous production release GA3.1.2-150714, with number of fixes as listed at the bottom of this page. Fix Analyser 2
GA3.2 version is continuation of the previous production release GA3.1.2-150714, with number of fixes as listed at the bottom of this page. File Agent

GA3.2.1 version is continuation of the previous production release GA3.1.2-150714, with number of fixes as listed at the bottom of this page.

Gateway 2

GA3.2 version is continuation of the previous production release GA3.1.2-150714, with number of fixes as listed at the bottom of this page.

Licence Daemon
GA3.2 version is continuation of the previous production release GA3.1.2-150715, with number of fixes as listed at the bottom of this page. Active Console 2

GA3.2.1 version is continuation of the previous production release GA3.1.2-150715, with number of fixes as listed at the bottom of this page.

Starting from version GA3.2.x, Web Server now includes basic authentication capability. As a result, Web Server ships with two additional configuration files found under <install_dir>/config. If you use custom deployment or upgrade scripts, please ensure the configuration directory includes the new “security.xml” and “” files.

Web server (Web dashboard)

GA3.2 version is continuation of the previous production release GA3.1.1-150629, with number of fixes as listed at the bottom of this page.

Note: Support for Web Montage versions GA 3.0.x and older has ended on the 15th September 2015. We request all users to upgrade to GA3.1.x or newer version.

Web services (Web montage)

No changes since the last production release GA3.0.21-140801.

Note: Web Slinger version GA3.2.0 will not be available for general release.

Web slinger

Issues fixed

These are the issues fixed, such as bug and story, in the release:

Issue type Issue key Component Release description
Enhancement DBM-21 Gateway, Netprobe, Express Reports You can now query the database or use the Geneos Sybase plugin to see the geneos executable and it's listen port to make it easy to identify each instance by sight. In future this may be refined to reflect plugins etc. So be wary of using anything more than the executable name in rules.
Bug EXR-244 Gateway The managed entities per managed variable variant of the trend report was not showing the correct labels and instead was showing the variable name repeated. This has been corrected.
Documentation GSE-1471 Gateway Authentication->Enable Section permissions help has link to Section Permissions.
Bug GSE-1470 Schema, Netprobe Last x hours filter option in schema fixed by changing the default value to 1 from 0.
Bug GWX-2655 Gateway Gateway no longer crashes when default is set on rulegroup and rule starts with set or has mutiple disjoint if statements.
Enhancement GWX-2272 Gateway, Netprobe Added support for SUSE 11.3 and 12.0.
Bug GWX-2621 Gateway no longer crashes on linux_64 gateways when sending parameters larger than 1024 chars.
Documentation GWX-2601 Gateway Actions & Effects have proper distinguishing description in the Gateway Reference Guide.
Documentation GWX-2602 Gateway Includes priority help has correct reference section now.
Documentation GWX-2626 Gateway Updated the documentation to clarify macro use. Removed _FROM_ADDR from image as this may be confusing.
Bug GWX-1387 Gateway Visibility flags now work for Gateway Plug-ins.
Bug GWX-1633 Gateway FirstColumn setting now works for Gateway Plugin dataviews.
Bug GWX-2608 Gateway Visibility flags now work for Gateway Plug-ins.
Bug GWX-2609 Gateway Gateway does not crash when saving rule with incorrect syntax of History Period.
Bug GWX-2615 Gateway Large number of HTTP requests no longer result in slowdown of probe-data plug-in or spikes of increased data age.
Bug GWX-2622 Gateway Added resilience to Netprobe crash affecting Gateway operation.
Bug GWX-2624 Gateway Changing an "evaluate-on-dvsample" rule or a rule that uses now() does not affect other rules on the same dataview.
Bug GWX-2631 Gateway Corrected transaction mapping for nested if / else statements.
Enhancement NPX-849 Netprobe Added 'nopassword' option when installing netprobe as a service in windows.
Bug NPX-829 Netprobe The change that was applied was for the logs to appear only once when TRUSTED_GATEWAY_NAMES variable is defined which was done by adding a condition in the code that checks if the said variable is defined or not.
Bug NPX-832 Netprobe Set the default value of "/setup" to "setup.netprobe.xml" when "/setup" argument is appended without the filename during command line netprobe installation.
Bug NPX-846 Netprobe Added a debug log in toolkit plugin. This new log includes the script execution time, sampler name, type and entity name.
Bug NPX-856 Netprobe Fix File Descriptor Leak in Sun x86 when Java samplers are running.
Bug NPX-835 Netprobe When two primary gateways try to connect to the netprobe at the same time, only accept the first connection attempt. The second gateway will be rejected, and will not receive any data from the netprobe. Prior to this fix, the second gateway is made a non-master gateway and receives data views from the netprobe.
Bug PLA-389 Netprobe Fix issue where the GL-SLE plugin ignores long lines in FIX exchange log files.
Enhancement PLD-109 Netprobe Added "Close Connection After Query" setting to Oracle, Sybase, and Sybase-Server Plugins.
Documentation PLD-179 Netprobe Modify SQL-Toolkit Plug-in Documentation to inform that the order of the rows published in the dataview may not always adhere to the order returned by the query (for example, if "ORDER BY" is used in the query).
Bug PLI-1975 Netprobe Update logic for populating the absolutePath column.
Enhancement PLI-1571 Netprobe Add new date keywords <previous_monitored_day...> and <next_monitored_day...>.
Enhancement PLI-2133 Netprobe ExecDuration displays how long a particular toolkit script is executed during the last sample.
Enhancement PLI-2138 Netprobe Values with -1 in the IBMi-System CPU View will have user readable meaning with it.
Enhancement PLI-2141 Netprobe IBMi-Messages Plug-in now displays error message on sampling status when invalid or empty Queue Path is configured.
Enhancement PLI-2151 Netprobe Update logic to be able to open network interfaces being used under Solaris Zones. These should enable the X-Plugins to work correctly under Solaris Zones.
Bug PLI-1410 Netprobe Added new GSE checkbox "matchExactPartitions" for the DISK plugin.
Bug PLI-2023 Netprobe Added implementation for displaying cpuTime and cpuSeconds of Processes plugin for AIX and Linux platforms.
Bug PLI-2040 Netprobe Show corresponding MIB errors in dataview for problematic OID's in the MIBMON plugin.
Bug PLI-2052 Netprobe The count for the zombieProcesses field under hardware plugin is now being updated correctly.
Bug PLI-2086 Netprobe Fixed incorrect processing of Files in Component Versions Plug-in which led to misdetection of files causing wrong monitoredFileCount value, missing rows and/or incorrect version information.
Bug PLI-2132 Netprobe Added a fix in FKM plugin to reset sample lagging counter when file is deleted/moved.
Bug PLI-2134 Netprobe The period (e.g. AM or PM) is now reflecting correctly on the value of lastRebootTime.
Bug PLI-2137 Netprobe Added fix for displaying the process' groupID for Processes plugin. This fix is only for Linux.
Bug PLI-2143 Netprobe Fix memory leak in Processes plugin when multi-zoned filter is configured. This is only applicable for Solaris platforms that supports zone configuration(Soaris 10.0 and up).
Bug PLI-2145 Netprobe Added the German versions of the performance monitor objects being queried by the Hardware Plugins. This allowed the Hardware Plugin to query these from a German OS successfully, and display these in the dataview accurately.
Bug PLI-2148 Netprobe Fixed incorrect processing of Files in Component Versions Plug-in which leads to wrong monitoredFileCount value, missing rows and/or incorrect version information.
Bug PLI-2164 Netprobe There is a certain dataview update timing in the netprobe that is not protected from other threads. This results in incorrect data being displayed in the dataview. To address this, this specific dataview update timing is moved to ensure that the data to be displayed cannot be modified by other threads.
Bug PLI-2166 Netprobe Update libpcap patch to support X Plug-ins of Netprobe Linux 32- bit running on 64-bit SUSE 12.
Bug PLI-2169 Netprobe Memory allocated when tokenizing the string that contains the groupID was not freed after use. This modification frees up the memory allocated for the said string.
Bug PLI-2120 Netprobe Trap messages are now only printed when print_traps debugging is enabled in Trapmon plugin.
Bug PLI-2059 Netprobe Leaks caused by memory issues in Network and Fidessa plugins. Fixed by NPX-812.
Bug PLI-2055 Netprobe Fix FKM issue wherein new NT events that match the FKM key are not shown in the metrics view and the View File windows.
Bug PLI-1989 Netprobe Changes were applied in os_general_mon.c file.
Enhancement PLM-277 Netprobe Exegy Feed Adapter, which can be used with the Market Data Monitor plug-in, is now packaged with Linux 64-bit and Windows Netprobes.
Bug PLW-719 Netprobe Documented the required Oracle Solaris Patch and 2 possible workaround if patch installation is not an option.
Bug PLW-713 Netprobe This change adds support for encoded/encrypted passwords for the JMX Weblogic plugin. The password field is the '' property and appears as a field of the same name in the GSE.
Enhancement WEB-306 Web server There is now an option to enable security and authenticate users. This means anyone wishing to access an instance of the web server will need to logon. Once logged on they will have unrestricted access to the UI as before, that is they can see all configured dashboards and access the admin section.
Enhancement WEB-371 Web server Web Server -now supports Internet Explorer 10 and 11.
Bug WEB-373 Web server This change hides the navigation bar at the left part of the page when full screen is toggled.
Bug WEB-383 Web server This change fixes an issue where some slideshows are not transitioning when using IE11.
Bug WEB-386 Web server This fix adjusts the hotspots for links in web dashboard objects. Previously, the hotspots were placed slightly a bit higher than the actual object/shape.
Bug WEB-399 Web server Decryption/encryption issues when Gateway passwords are read from/written to the "config.xml" configuration file were fixed.
Bug WEB-406 Web server Dashboard now loading with spaces in the name (IE11).
Bug WMX-388 Web services "Server disconnected" error message now displays when montage is disconnected at Montage and Investigate pages .
Bug WMX-387 Web services Replaced log messages for user logout/refresh to more informative ones.
Bug WMX-362 Web server Removing a listview from a montage will not affect other listviews in that montage with the same path.
Bug WMX-357 Web services Concurrent modification exception for connection gadgets in multi cluster setup does not happen anymore.
Bug WMX-354 Web services Investigate view should now select correct managedEntity selected from a treemap gadget.
Bug WMX-352 Web services When running commands on listview items, that command will be run on selected data item and the data items will now update correctly.
Bug WMX-351 Open Access Gateway hot standby can be used in Web Montage GA3.1.x and newer.
Bug WMX-349 Web services Web Montage Dataviews can now be used in IE10 and 11.
Bug WMX-348 Web services Webmontage Treemap gadget could now display newly added items.
Bug WMX-338 Web services Web Montage should always show data in investigate view regardless if the setup is single node, multi-node or multi-cluster.
Enhancement WMX-337 Web services Web Montage can now be connected to multiple open access clusters.

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