Gateway Hub Release Notes 1.4


Released: 31 July, 2019

ITRS is pleased to announce the release of Gateway Hub 1.4.x.

This release delivers the updated binaries for Gateway Hub in the ITRS Downloads page.


Gateway Hub is a brand new component in the Geneos ecosystem, providing the foundations for smarter monitoring, improved scalability, and a refreshed modern UI. The main features in this release are:

  • Improved Gateway integration
  • Centralised configuration locking
  • Improved API documentation
  • Custom install directory for Gateway Hub

This release is also focused on improving stability and robustness of metric queries. A number of stability issues have been resolved.

Improved Gateway integration

Integration between Gateway and Gateway Hub has been optimised, resulting in almost 25% less disk required for a standard Gateway Hub with metric storage compared to the previous version. Data will also be available in the Gateway Hub significantly faster than before due to the improved processing. These improvements require Gateway version 4.12.

Centralised Gateway configuration locking

Centralised configuration files can now be centrally locked, preventing concurrent updates from causing issues. This feature requires Gateway 4.12.

Improved API documentation

API documentation is now published using redoc allowing better navigation and examples.

Custom install directory

You can now perform new installations of Gateway Hub in custom locations, allowing Gateway Hub, the Web Console SSO, and Kafka to be installed in any location.

Note that the install location for MapR cannot be changed from /opt/mapr.

Note: Changing install directories as part of an upgrade is not supported.

New features and enhancements

These are the features and enhancements in this release:

Issue key Release description
Release version 1.4.1


Gateway Hub can now be installed to custom directories. However, please note that MapR must still be installed in /opt/mapr.

Release version 1.4.0


The maintenance window section has been removed from the Storage screen. Archiving is now done several times per day rather than during a maintenance period.


Apache Commons Collections library was updated.


The allocation of resources is now more sensibly calculated, providing more resources to the components that need it, such as Spark and YARN. This will prevent a number of OOM issues seen previously.


The raw and enriched internal Kafka topics have been replaced with a single merged topic for 4.12 Gateways and above.

Issues fixed

These are the issues we have fixed in this release:

Issue key Release description

Fixed instances where a metric query would fail with the following exception:

java.lang.RuntimeException: org.apache.spark.SparkException:
Job aborted due to stage failure:
Exception while getting task result: scala.MatchError: None (of class scala.None$)
STARK-9337 An issue with the archiving process occasionally getting stuck due to a lack of resources is now resolved through better allocation of resources on install.
STARK-9316 Querying a metric that had previously changed schema no longer returns an empty result set.


Added retry and wait steps to the install, providing more robustness when installing Gateway Hub over an unreliable connection.

Known issues

These are the known issues affecting this release:

Issue key Known issue description
STARK-9730 The operating system language must be set to English, otherwise the build will fail.
STARK-9515 Data with a unit of measure assigned (for example, Kilobytes) is currently published in the canonical unit (for example, Bytes). This means that certain metrics may have a misleading name (for example, KilobytesInQueue).

Occasionally a container synchronisation issue occurs during an upgrade, resulting in the following error message:

fatal: []: FAILED! => changed=true 
attempts: 30 
cmd: /opt/mapr/server/mrconfig info containers resync local 

If this occurs, resync the containers manually using the following command:

/opt/mapr/server/mrconfig info containers resync local


Due to a bug with Spark SQL, metric history cannot be retrieved from dataview columns with a semicolon in the name e.g. "test;". To resolve this issue update the dataview column name removing the semicolon.


The SSL certificate install incorrectly uses the default 'hub' user when applying an SSL certificate. To specify a different install user please add the following to the hubctl installation file:

"ansible" : { 
  	"variables" : { 


Gateway Hub will not correctly handle a dataview defined in a gateway with columns named "sampleTime", "netprobeTime" or "dataViewId".


Dataview data from additional rows computed in the Gateway is not stored for regular/non-computed columns.


Data that is somehow received without a timestamp has a default timestamp incorrectly applied with the timezone of the local machine.

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