Gateway Hub Release Notes 1.1


Released: 21 January, 2019

ITRS is pleased to announce the release of Gateway Hub 1.1.x.

This release delivers the updated binaries for Gateway Hub in the ITRS Downloads page.


Gateway Hub is a brand new component in the Geneos ecosystem, providing the foundations for smarter monitoring, improved scalability, and a refreshed modern UI. The main features in this release are:

  • Ability to store historical data for all Geneos metrics and events.
  • A brand new web-based UI for Gateway Hub Administration.

Historical metric and event storage

Historical metric and event data can now be stored in Gateway Hub and retrieved using Active Console 2. This is significantly more reliable than database logging and is designed to handle all metrics being logged, rather than a subset.

Metric and event storage in Gateway Hub also provides the foundation for improved monitoring over the next few releases, including adaptive rules (anomaly detection), automatic baselining, predictive and causal analysis through machine learning.

Web Console

This release brings the first release of the new web-based UI for Geneos, the Web Console, focusing on administration of Gateway Hub. The Web Console will be expanded upon in future releases to initially complement, and eventually replace, Active Console 2.

Breaking changes

Note: These changes are applicable to Early Access customers only.

These are the breaking changes in the current release:

Issue key Breaking change description
STARK-5233 The unit of measure endpoints have been simplified significantly.
STARK-3441 Dataview was previously written using incorrect case (e.g. "dataView") in the REST endpoints. These have been corrected.

Publishing to Gateway Hub is done using a secured connection.

All publishing Gateway must be reconfigured to use SSL encryption as unsecured connections are no longer supported.


New features and enhancements

These are the features and enhancements in the current release:

Issue key Release description
STARK-6565 Bundled SSO Agent upgrades to version 1.3.0.
STARK-6538 Increases message throughput due to improved MapR-DB batching strategy.
STARK-6344 Gateway Hub configuration can be updated through the command line.
STARK-6326 Kafka disk location can be specified as part of the installation parameters.
STARK-6316 Better validation when adding units of measure without a locale or text.
STARK-6191 Perfmon errors are correctly converted to null.
STARK-6167 Keystore password is configurable.
STARK-6007 Error codes are updated to make them unique.
STARK-5896 The kernel settings vm.swappiness, vm.overcommit.memory, and net.ipv4.tcp_retries2 are no longer modified as part of the install and must be managed separately as a prerequisite.
STARK-5768 Removes the need to store runtime user credentials for normaliserd.
STARK-5707 Dataview errors can be filtered by error code.
STARK-5591 Ingestion errors can be filtered by partial or full dataview path.
STARK-5582 Adds filter and skip parameters to ingestion errors endpoint to allow paging.
STARK-5541 Truncation of decimal data when attempting to save as an int generates ingestion errors.
STARK-4834 Passwordless SSH is no longer required. During installation, you can interactively enter the password.
STARK-4547 The installation is done using an offline package. Gateway Hub nodes do not longer require internet access.
STARK-4545 After installation, you can enter a custom SSL certificate.
STARK-3637 Web Console is packaged with Gateway Hub.
STARK-3020 Retention policies are now specified for metric and events.

Issues fixed

These are the issues we have fixed in the current release:

Issue key Release description
STARK-6736 Error messages with missing parameters can cause the error endpoints to fail.
STARK-6486 Zookeeper status is not reset correctly during factory reset.
STARK-6480 Logs entries are stored in UTC.
STARK-6290 Validation errors updated with unique titles.
STARK-6287 Better validation when uploading invalid licences.
STARK-6246 Duplicates unrecognisedField error message suppressed.
STARK-6237 Adds command line flag for generating faster diagnostic files.
STARK-6042 Resolves race condition causing "Unhandled Error: Failed to create table" log entries.
STARK-6039 Processing error messages no longer significantly slows down data ingestion.
STARK-6005 Systems with umask set to 077 no longer cause issues during installation.
STARK-5886 Simplifies user model to avoid permission issues in persistence.
STARK-5839 Fixes to skip and limit parameters for errors endpoint.
STARK-5783 Changes to Kafka ISR settings significantly improve resilience.
STARK-5751 Ingestion errors are no longer aggregated by dataview row name.
STARK-5283 Dataview queries return the most recent results first. If a limit is specified, the least recent results may be truncated.
STARK-5203 If a dataview had a computed row that was later removed, then the Gateway will now correctly report hasEnrichedRows as false.
STARK-5008 Changes to the casing of certain error parameters means that old error results will be cleared. These are repopulated as new errors are received and will not be an issue.
STARK-4965 Fixes an issue causing the error endpoint to return no data.
STARK-4957 Log files roll over correctly.
STARK-4517 Restarting Gateway Hub no longer causes Kafka to become corrupted under certain circumstances.
STARK-3962 Moves Kafka logs to the correct log location.

Known issues

These are the known issues affecting this release:

Issue key Known issue description
STARK-7239 4.10 Gateways are not able to publish to Gateway Hub 1.1. This will be resolved as a matter of priority.
STARK-6975 Immediately after an upgrade from 1.0.3 to 1.1, the dataview query API returns empty results. This issue is resolved automatically after a few minutes and normal results will be returned.
STARK-6505 Gateway Hub will not correctly handle a dataview defined in a Gateway with columns named sampleTime, netprobeTime, or dataViewId.
STARK-4463 Dataview data from additional rows computed in the Gateway is not stored for regular/non-computed columns.

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