Gateway Hub Release Notes 1.5


Released: 8 October, 2019

Last updated: 13 November, 2019

Note: Gateway Hub 1.5.4 is a patch release containing a number of fixes for security and deployment issues. Versions 1.5.1 — 1.5.3 were only released internally.

This release delivers the updated binaries for Gateway Hub in the ITRS Downloads page.


Gateway Hub is a brand new component in the Geneos ecosystem, providing the foundations for smarter monitoring, improved scalability, and a refreshed modern UI. The main features in this release are:

  • Anomaly detection rules.
  • Kafka publishing filter.
  • Role based security.

To view the highlights in this release, see What's New in Geneos.

Breaking changes

This section describes the changes in this release that break existing behaviour:

Issue key Release description


The UI and SSO endpoints were previously accessed on unique ports (defaulting to 8888 and 9999, respectively). These are now accessed using the same port as the rest of Gateway Hub API calls, defaulting to 8080.


Before you upgrade to 1.5, save your SSO configuration separately. The configuration will be lost during the upgrade.

Once 1.5 is successfully installed, SSO will need to be configured using the Security section of the Web UI.

New features and enhancements

These are the features and enhancements in this release:

Issue key Release description
Release version 1.5.4


Upgraded to Kafka 2.3.1.


It is now possible to allow the installer to do a self-installation without needing to use sudo and using a root user.


Upgraded to jackson-databind library 2.10.
Release version 1.5.0


Apache Commons BeanUtils library was updated.


The user's display name is now shown in the application when SSO is enabled.


Improved YARN scheduler to allow important jobs to be prioritised correctly.


YARN logs are now included in diagnostics files.


The licence is now checked before enabling metric and event storage.

STARK-9970 The SSO Agent and UI are now served by the Gateway Hub API, and the standalone agents have been removed. Note that the UI and SSO API calls are now done using the same port as the rest of the Gateway Hub API.
STARK-9969 The previous standalone SSO and UI agents are removed on upgrade from version 1.4.
STARK-9908 Resources are now more fairly allocated between the various components within Gateway Hub, providing better stability and performance particularly for large queries.
STARK-9560 Dashboard panels are now always displayed while the data is still loading.
STARK-9444 Publishing endpoint was updated to allow message filtering.
STARK-9398 Improved robustness of installer when attempting to request a licence key on a slow internet connection.
STARK-9236 The Web Console is now served on the same port as the REST API.
STARK-9179 Entity change events are now published as a new message type. They indicate if a new entity has been detected, removed, or the attributes of an entity have changed.
STARK-9086 Various improvements were introduced to the Dark theme of the application.
STARK-9039 Published events can now be filtered by event type, such as severity.
STARK-8859 The /admin/retention endpoints now require ISO 8601 duration formats in line with other endpoints.
STARK-8821 The Storage page in the Web Console now allows metric and event storage to be explicitly enabled and disabled.
STARK-8547 React was upgraded to version 16.8.x.
STARK-8540 Various changes were made to Spark and YARN configuration, resulting in better performance and robustness, particularly with smaller clusters.
STARK-8402 The Web Console now defaults to using the browser time zone in the absence of a configured user preference.
STARK-8401 The layout of the errors tables has been improved when viewed on larger monitors.
STARK-8388 The number of system errors in the system is now displayed as a KPI on the home dashboard.
STARK-8258 GET /versions is now available to provide the API versions supported by Gateway Hub.
STARK-8136 Now that the SSO endpoints are hosted on the same port as the rest of the Gateway Hub endpoints, the Open API definition has been unified.
STARK-8135 The Web Console now routes SSO calls via the same port as other Gateway Hub API calls.
STARK-8134 The SSO REST API endpoints are now hosted on the same port as the rest of the Gateway Hub REST API endpoints.
STARK-7742 Material UI was updated to version 3.9.3.
STARK-7512 Kafka publishing can now be filtered by sampler name.
STARK-7511 Kafka publishing can now be filtered by entity query, such as all entities where Division = Securities.
STARK-7510 Kafka publishing can now be filtered by message type, such as metrics or events.
STARK-7233 retainMetricsAndEvents: true/false has been added to the retention API, allowing metric and event history to be explicitly enabled and disabled.
STARK-6828 Administrator and Operator roles are available for assignment to LDAP users and groups.
STARK-6705 Centralised configuration resources can now be locked and unlocked via API.

Issues fixed

These are the issues we have fixed in this release:

Issue key Release description
Release version 1.5.4


The Node Manager did not start if /tmp had noexec set. This is was fixed by the addition of a new setting in the hubctl JSON configuration: hub.install.java_io_tmpdiz. It should point to a directory that is mounted on a disk that does not have noexec set.


Fixed an issue caused by a recent security update to systemd, that resulted in multiple copies of Warden and Gateway Hub services to be run and deployment to fail.

Release version 1.5.0

Metric queries now return data in the same unit of measure as the one displayed in Active Console, rather than the canonical unit of measure.

STARK-10087 Fixed an issue where retention could not be updated after previous invalid input.
STARK-9925 An error is now displayed when a metric query contains one or more invalid metric names.


Fixed an issue where archiving was getting stuck in m5.2xlarge AWS instances.

STARK-9634 Errors without a message body, for example, a URL with more than 2048 characters, are now handled correctly.
STARK-9612 Configuring SSL using hubctl setup ssl no longer misallocates YARN resources.
STARK-9337 An issue with the archiving process occasionally getting stuck due to a lack of resources is now resolved through better allocation of resources on install.
STARK-9231 Kafka publishing configuration is no longer validated when publishing is disabled.
STARK-9161 Handling of invalid metric query API parameters was improved.
STARK-9138 Uploading a licence is now supported in the Web Console when the system is unlicensed.
STARK-9128 The ingestion errors loading indicator is now correctly positioned inside the table control.
STARK-9063 Fixed colour of Show related errors control in the Errors pages.
STARK-9014 Various fixes were introduced to the Web Console when used in Firefox.
STARK-8664 Repeatedly misconfiguring Kafka publishing in the Web Console no longer gives the impression that the invalid config has been saved successfully.
STARK-8535 Fixed an issue where the error search control only showed tooltip intermittently.
STARK-8510 Invalid publishing configuration no longer causes the Web Console to hang.
STARK-8506 Publishing status bar is now refreshed when configuration is updated.
STARK-8448 Attributes with special characters are now encoded correctly in the URL.
STARK-8432 The ingestion and system errors pages are now fully responsive down to mobile screens.
STARK-8387 Refreshing the Web Console while a page is loading no longer displays an incorrect error screen.
STARK-7672 Archiving is now done more frequently, instead of inside the maintenance window.

Known issues

These are the known issues affecting this release:

Issue key Known issue description
STARK-11411 The Archiver log might show an error the very first time the archiver runs. The archiver should heal and run successfully the next time it runs.
STARK-10849 Web Dashboard is not compatible with SSO Agent in Gateway Hub. This will be addressed in the next release.
STARK-10831 Webslinger is not compatible with SSO Agent in Gateway Hub. This will be addressed in the next release.
STARK-9730 The operating system language must be set to English, otherwise the build fails.
STARK-9515 Data with a unit of measure assigned (for example, Kilobytes) is currently published in the canonical unit (for example, Bytes). This means that certain metrics may have a misleading name (for example, KilobytesInQueue).


Due to a bug with Spark SQL, metric history cannot be retrieved from dataview columns with a semicolon in the name e.g. "test;". To resolve this issue, update the dataview column name removing the semicolon.


The SSL certificate install incorrectly uses the default 'hub' user when applying an SSL certificate. To specify a different install user please add the following to the hubctl installation file:

"ansible" : { 
  	"variables" : { 


Gateway Hub will not correctly handle a dataview defined in a gateway with columns named "sampleTime", "netprobeTime" or "dataViewId".


Dataview data from additional rows computed in the Gateway is not stored for regular/non-computed columns.


Data that is somehow received without a timestamp has a default timestamp incorrectly applied with the timezone of the local machine.

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