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ITRS Product Roadmap


At ITRS, we share our Product Roadmap with our clients so that we highlight not just new physical deliverables, but also how they fit in with our company initiatives. These initiatives relate the tangible benefits that our clients see when using ITRS software in their daily lives.

The Product Roadmap provides a high-level overview of an upcoming product: goals and features. This roadmap is subject to constant re-evaluation and change in accordance with business needs.

To view the list of all highlights and features that have been recently released, see the following documents:

If you want to know more and understand the release timeline for each feature, please contact your ITRS Account Manager or ITRS Sales.


Initiative Description
IBM i series enhancements Ability to connect to and consume data from the IBM i servers.
Azure monitoring solution A solution for Azure monitor including data collection and some out-of-the-box visualisations for the common Azure services.
Centralised configuration improvements Simpler onboarding process for centralised configuration so that Gateways can be migrated easily. This also includes a simple roll-back functionality for migration as well as configuration.
AWS monitoring solution AWS CloudWatch solution including data collection and some out-of-the-box visualisations for the most common AWS services.
Smart alerting on logs

Ingest log files directly into Gateway Hub in order to properly understand the health of applications, particularly after an event has occurred. This also includes the improvement of alerting on logs.

Smarter metric rules Simple alerting based on the historical metric data.
Transaction Monitoring A complete overhaul of existing Fix Analyser and Message Tracker capabilities to deliver scalable solution with simpler configuration and better output.
Integration with ticketing systems Integration with external ticketing systems.
Ease of deployment

Scripted Netprobe installs for easy deployment. This also includes the useful Gateway configuration examples and templates making deployment easier in Geneos.


Capacity Planner

Feature Description
Savings plan to include a visualisation of risk Visual representation for a particular commitment level of how much the savings would be if the actual usage was higher or lower than that observed historically.
Show migration from AWS to Azure options A cloud migration tab should be available for cloud environments and show alternative cloud providers.
Visualisation of consolidated cloud instance configuration recommendations A visual comparison of the difference between AWS and Azure for migration costs.
Pass through SSRS Reporting API An API allowing for the execution of SSRS reports and providing data from those reports in a structured format that can be used in alternative dashboarding or BI tools, such as PowerBI.
Dynamic recommendations in Forward Thinking Automatic updates of recommendations based on the modelled changes in the Forward Thinking scenario modelling.
Optimising burstable and non-burstable instances Determining those instances that would be more cost-effective burstable compared to non-burstable, and the other way around.
Migration to Google Cloud recommendations Recommendations for moving to Google Cloud and comparisons between AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud costs.
Auto suggest host and storage requirements in Forward Thinking Where storage constraints are met, and when a cluster no longer meets the requirements as a result of a Forward Thinking scenario outcome, have recommendations through the recommendations panel that suggest the required storage and compute capacity. You can accept the recommendations and automatically update the scenario.

ITRS OP5 Monitor

Feature Description
Update PHP to version 7.4 Update PHP from version 5.4 to version 7.4 or later.
RHEL 8 baseline support OP5 Monitor will be able to run on RHEL / CentOS version 8.
Authentication service Replace the authentication functionality from the old UI with a new authentication service.
Data from dynamic environments in UI A modern UI that supports hybrid-IT and can display data from dynamic environments.
User state synchronisation between peers User interface should be synchronised between peers.
Autodiscovery 2.0 Improved Autodiscovery that includes service discovery.
Data source for Grafana

A data source that allows for connection of a stand-alone Grafana installation to connect to OP5 Monitor.

BSM 2.0 Refactored and API-driven business service management.
Monitoring of containers and applications Support monitoring of ephemeral environments, such as containers and applications.
Distributed monitoring of containers and applications Monitoring of containers and applications supporting Global View.