Obcerv 2.x Known Issues

Obcerv known issues contain a list of bugs and issues that may affect the performance of your applications and components in Obcerv 2.x.

ITRS works on isolating and fixing every product issue that we are aware of. We categorize a bug or an issue as a known issue if it meets the following criteria:

The Reported version is also provided for each known issue which indicates the Obcerv version where the issue was found. However, these issues may be valid across multiple versions.

This list is updated regularly, and issues that are resolved will be added in the Obcerv release notes.

For detailed release notes for the latest version of Obcerv, see Obcerv 2.x Platform Release Notes or Obcerv 2.x Apps Release Notes.

Open known issues Copied

This section provides the list of known issues affecting this release, and are currently being investigated.

Security advisory ID Affected component or app Reported version Known issue description
BDSA-2023-3298 Alerting, API Gateway, Centralised Config, Capacity Planner, FIX Monitor, Forecaster, Ingestion, Notifications, Overview, Web Console Obcerv 2.x A potential security vulnerability with Apache Tomcat allowing remote attackers to append HTTP requests over valid HTTP requests (CVE-2023-46589) has been flagged by Black Duck. This can cause bypass validation, unauthorized access to restricted data, or malicious actions on behalf of another user or group.


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